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This page is about resources for building computer controlled machines: Milling machines, Laser Cutters, FDM 3D Printers, etc..



Milling machines
ShopBot Milling Machine
Precix Milling Machine
Milling path

Laser Cutting


GRBL - CNC Controller firmwares for Arduino

TinyG - All-in-one solution (software and hardware) forked from the GRBL project

All in-one Boards

Motor Drivers

Motor Drivers IC's by Allegro

Motor Drivers Solutions by Geckodrive

Stepper Drivers by Allegro IC's

Arduino Shields for driving CNC's

Standalone USB 2 channels stepper driver (based on the TI DRV8811)

Stepper Driver boards based on the Allegro 3982 / 3977


Interesting Projects