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Boot Camp January 2011 will be held 10th of January until 14th of January 2011.

One week crash course in fab lab tools and processes by the gurus of the fab lab network. For new fab lab managers, teachers, and people who want a fast training course.

The Boot Camp is a short duration workshop on Fab Lab management, processes and project development. The goal of Boot Camps is to offer short term training for future Lab Managers, fabricators and creators around the world. The Boot Camp is developed by the Fab Labs in the worldwide network, provided with equipment and tutors dedicated (almost) 24/7 for an intense workshop on Digital Fabrication. Bandar Poker Online | Agen BandarQQ

Participating labs:

  • AS220 Fab Lab in Providence, Rhode Island, USA (contact Shawn Wallave / shawn [at] AS220 [dot] org)
  • Lorain County Community College Fab Lab in Elyria, Ohio, USA (contact Scott Zitek / rzitek [at] lorainccc [dot] edu)
  • Barcelona Fab Lab in Barcelona, Spain (contact Tomas Diez / tomasdiez [at] iaac [dot] net)
  • Solvik Gard Fab Lab in Lyngen, Norway (contact Haakon or Jorgen Karlsen, jorgen [at] fablab [dot] no , haakon [at] fablab [dot] no)
  • Vestmannaeyjar Fab Lab in Iceland (contact Frosti Gíslason, frosti [at] nmi [dot] is )
  • Amsterdam Fab Lab in The Netherlands (contact Alex Schaub alex [at] waag [dot] org )


Participants in Vestmannaeyjar

Participants in Lorain County

Participants in Barcelona

Participants in Providence



Day 1 Monday

A day of 2D Design & Fabrication plus documentation (WordPress/Wiki) Group: 09:00 Boston time Neil Gershenfeld over Polycom. Introduction Documentation wiki Mercurial

2D design and fabrication

2D DESIGN TOOLS (1 hour)

Design software for 2D:

  • Inkscape
  • Openoffice
  • Corel Draw
  • illustrator


CNC Cutting:

  • Safety, use, maintenance , projects (2D projects)
  • Materials (Wood, Acrylic, Textiles, Organic Source
  • Nesting and saving material
  • Press-fit
  • From 2D to 3D and viceversa workflow (DEMO on waffle structures)
  • Raster images and bitmaps

(Introduction in 2D cutting use): Safety, use, maintenance, projects (2D projects).

  • Materials (Wood, Aluminum, Composites, Acrylic)
  • Tool types (Diameter, Length, Blades, Shape)
  • Nesting and Holdown
Vinyl Cutter:
  • Safety, use, maintenance, projects (Tshirt, flex circuit or antenna, signs)

How to use the wiki

Test page

Also you can try the Mercurial


  • To develop a design using a 2D Design software (Could be out of proposed software), fabricate it with the Laser Cutter and document it on Boot Camp Site.

Day 2 Tuesday

A day of 3D design, molding and casting, (xtra 3D printing technology for those who have that capability)

3D DESIGN TOOLS (3 hours)


  • Safety, use, maintenance, projects (molding and casting, circuits, 2D etching)
  • Safety, use, maintenance, projects (furniture, mini-sail boat, sign)
    • Materials (Foam, Wax, Wood)
    • Tool types (Diameter, Length, Blades, Shape)
    • Molding and Casting materials in a large scale
    • Large scale surfacing

Shop Bot Fabrication process (2 hours)

  • Toolpath Generation
  • Partworks 2.5D and 3D
  • RhinoCam
  • Material preparation and holdown
3D printing
  • Technoligies: Layering, SLS, FDM
  • Commercial: ZCorp, Dimension, HP, Objet, Matrix, EOS
  • Open Source projects: RepRap, Maker Bot, Fab at Home


  • Modela and ShopBot projects continued


  • Design and fabricate a mold in a small scale

Day 3 Wednesday

Electronics and overall lab considerations (management, business, networking, IT, etc.) Group: Shawn Wallace electronics introduction: Time: 09:00 Boston time

Morning Europe time: Lab management, Tomas and Frosti, lab management and administration

Morning > Lab Managment and administration (2 hours)

  • Inventory
  • Lab IT and Networking: Epilog, print drivers, LAN
  • Machine maintenance
  • Safety
  • Machine reservation system
  • Web managment tools
  • Bussiness models
  • Material managment (recycling, classifying)


  • Design and Production Hello this is my desktop
  • Programming

Design software:

  • (pretty tough for a couple of hours!!!!)
  • Eagle

How to make a Hello World circuit (2 hours)

  • process (Feeds, Speeds, Resolution)
  • Setting up the Modela (Calibration, Copper board setup)
  • Tools (Milling and cutting)
  • Soldering


  • How to program a Hello World circuit (2 hours)
  • Assembler language
  • C Programming
  • Microcontroller language: .Hex files.
  • Programming Cable Making (FABISP?)
  • Avrdude


  • electronics projects continued


  • Modify, fabricate and program your own hello board

Day 4 Thursday

Electronics continues and integrated final project work (something like a music box)

Finishing Electronics design, production and programming

  • Programming cables
  • Customized hello board

Day 5 Friday

Group session at 11.00 Boston time: Presentation and documentation

Final project integration

  • A final project to be defined with the integration of different fabrication methods and electronics

Online Final Project Presentation

  • 5 min for participant to explain and show their projects (2-3 hours)

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