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work in progress

Starting RhinoCam

  • Locate the Rhinoceros 5 or Rhinoceros 6 shortcut on your desktop and double-click to launch the


Alternatively, you can also click on the Windows Start button and select All Programs. Go to the program group containing Rhinoceros 5. (The name of this program group will usually be called Rhinoceros 5 or 6 unless you specified otherwise during setup.) If the installation was successful, upon launching of Rhinoceros 5 you should observe a menu called RhinoCAM 2018 in the main menu bar of Rhino. If you do not see this menu entry then please check the On-Line Help document of the product (found in the installation folder) for help with troubleshooting the installation.

  • Before we begin, let's talk a bit about the RhinoCAM display. When you run RhinoCAM for the

very first time, your screen may look this. These windows on the left belong to plug-in modules that are currently loaded. For now, let's close all of them.

  • Launch the MILL Module

Now, let's begin by launching the RhinoCAM 2018 MILL module. 1. From the Rhino main menu bar, you will see the RhinoCAM 2018 menu item.

2. Drop-down the menu and pick MILL to load the MILL module.

3. Docked on the left you will see the Machining Browser and the Machining Objects Browser. When you first run RhinoCAM 2018, these two browsers may be docked side by side. However, you can move them anywhere on the screen that feels comfortable for you.

4. For example, let's move the Machining Objects Browser so that it displays under the Machining Browser on the left. Simply left-click and hold the title bar of the browser and drag it around on your screen.

RhinoCam interface.JPG

Setting up the strategy

To set up the stock( the whole material to be milled) follow these instructions: 1. Open the stock


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