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Here are the instructions to use the [email protected] for food printing.

Possible Material:

Agar (commonly known as gelatin powder)

  • melting point: > 90°C
  • freezing point: < 40°C


  • melting point: > 50°C
  • freezing point: < 17°C



Corn Flour

Setting up

  • Melted the edible materials for later use
  • 5 cables of the printer should be connected between the snap hub and each of the motors
  • 1 USB cable is connected from the snap hub to the control computer
  • Check the movements of X, Y, Z, Bay 1 and Bay 2, if some of them doesn't run, it may be the problem of :
    • Bay, the screw inside the gear is loose
    • XYZ axis, the belt is loose
    • X axis, a small screw near the motor is loose


File Format:

  • Material file: .xml
  • Image file: .stl or .amf
  • FAB file: .fab


  • Open .stl file in FabStudio v2.0.1,
  • Click on the object to activate the property
  • Edit the actual size and printing position
  • Choose the material
  • Save as .fab

Parameters of the printing can be changed directly in the files of .fab or .xml:

  • pathSpeed
  • pathWidth
  • pushOut
  • suckBack
  • suckBackDelay
  • sliceHeight (only available in .xml)


Papel transparente / Transparent Paper