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The Children's Street World Cup The third theme themed 'The Future Depends On You' will begin in Moscow in the middle of this week.

More than 200 street children will represent their country to play in the competition, which is held to draw attention to the rights of millions of children living on the streets of the world and to change their negative views about them.

The tournament involving 12 men's teams and 12 women's teams (Indonesia represented by a men's team) is hosted by Save the Children and Russian telecommunications company Megafon and will be enlivened by an art festival as well as a congress for equality.

"When people saw us on the streets, they said we were street children, but when they saw us playing football, they said we were not street children - they said we were people like them," said Andile, who is part of the African team. South at the World Cup of Street Children 2010.

Goal will broadcast live competition via Facebook account, starting with the opening ceremony and a friendly match between the Russian and Brazilian women's teams. The tournament footage will be available throughout the competition, with all matches being held at Russian league champions Lokomotiv Moscow, Sapsan Arena.

Many big names support this competition, including England coach Gareth Southgate.

"World Cup of Street Children: The Future Depends On You is a fantastic event," he said.

"It's about using football stremaing piala dunia online to make a positive impact and not talking to vulnerable youngsters but giving them the stage to talk.I have the English team, and all the young people who participated, got the best in football but more importantly changed the world . "

Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva works with Street Child United, a charity that runs the competition, and feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with high-spirited individuals.

"I am honored to be an ambassador for Street Child United," said the British Premier League championship winner.

"It's a special thing for me to meet ex-inspirational street children, they're great leaders and I'm happy to be able to support them on the way to the Street Children World Cup: The Future Depends On You."

Each team is represented by an live streaming piala dunia organization that protects street children in each participating country. In order to fit in the squad, the children have been in the organization for one year and are following a development program.

This competition will be the opening of the 2018 World Cup in the summer, and previously held in Durban, South Africa in 2010, and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016 ago.