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The Kartrider Drift League Pre-Season Individual Finals were held at the Vita 500 Coliseum in Jamsil on the 13th. Eight players, HyunSu "HyunSu" Park, JaeHyuk "Zzz" Lee, InSoo "InSoo" Park, YongJoon "Knock" Song, Neal "NEAL" Song, JunHyun "DogWorld" Noh, MyungJae "DDing" Lee, and JiMin "JiMin" Kim, competed in the final match to become the best player of the preseason. The finals will be played in two sets, 섯다 with the first player to score 80 points in the first set and the second place finisher playing a best-of-five, best-of-three, 1:1 speed match.

From the start of the match, Liv Sandbox foreign mercenary 'NEAL' showed a terrifying race, rising from the bottom to the top of the leaderboard during the intense races in the first and second rounds. In addition, in the final game, he took the lead with a knife-like cornering and won the first place in two consecutive rounds. Although he was pushed off the jump in round three and finished in third place, he still won by nearly 10 points from second place.

'NEAL's unstoppable run continued halfway through the competition. It was still there in the final as he ate up track records on his way to the final. 'NEAL' widened the gap to second-place DogWorld by more than 15 points. On the other hand, there were some players who did not perform as well as expected. Lee "Jae-hyuk" Jae-hyuk and Song "Knock" Yong-jun, who battled NEAL to the end last season, finished seventh and eighth with 12 and 11 points, respectively.

After languishing in last place until the midway point, "Zzz" Jae-hyuk woke up from his slumber. "Zzz" Jae-hyuk increased his score by taking first place in round 7, and then went on to take first place in three consecutive rounds in rounds 8 and 9 to move up to third place in the standings. 'Zzz' Lee's incredible run began to shake up the standings in the individual final. 온라인섯다 'NEAL', who had been on a roll until midway through, found himself in the bottom half of the standings and his score growth slowed noticeably. However, he still had enough points to stay in first place.

The race entered the second half. With 'NEAL' virtually locked into the top spot, a fierce battle broke out for the one spot that would take them to a second set. With Lee "Zzz" Jae-hyuk and Noh "DogWorld" Jun-hyun on the shortlist, InSoo "InSoo" Park suddenly emerged as a contender for the second spot. 'InSoo' had a terrifying run, finishing in first place in rounds 11 and 12.

In the first set, 'NEAL' closed out the match in first place after 14 rounds. Joining 'NEAL' in the second set was Lee 'Zzz' Jae-hyuk. Lee "Zzz" Jae-hyuk fought to the end against Park "Insoo" Park for the last two spots, and after a dramatic battle, he took the second spot.

The second set between 'NEAL' and 'Zzz' ended unexpectedly quickly. Lee "Zzz" Jae-hyuk overwhelmed his opponent in just three rounds of the best-of-five best-of-three match to emerge as the eventual winner. For his victory, Lee took home $10 million in prize money. "I'm happy to win the final, which I didn't expect," said Lee. 고스톱 I'm also grateful to my fans for their support."