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DePlus Kia wins the 2023 WCG Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 Finals.

Big Picture Interactive (CEO Song Kwang-joon), a global esports company, today announced that DePlus Kia defeated SLT Seongnam 3:1 in the Stage 2 finals of the 2023 WCG Valorant Challengers Korea, the Korean regional competition for Riot Games' 5v5 character-based tactical shooter, 토토 Valorant.

Facing SLT Seongnam in the finals on the third day of the competition, the team started the match with a 10:13 loss in the first set Haven, but turned the game around with an overwhelming 13:3 score in the second set Lotus.

In the third set, Pearl, DEPLUS Kia slowly pushed their opponent with Park 'Estrea' Geon's Harbor to record a round score of 13:6, 안전놀이터 paving the way for the victory, and in the fourth set, Ascent, Kim 'Rakia' Jong-min's bold play with Soba created a huge point difference of 13:4 to take the final victory.

"I'm proud to win Stage 2 after winning Stage 1 last season," said Kim 'Rakia' Jong-min of DPLUS Kia, while Park 'Estrea' Gunn, who was named MVP of the final, said, "We will try to do better at the Ballantrae Challengers Ascension Pacific in Bangkok."

The winner, DPLUS Kia, took home a cash prize of KRW 25 million and the right to represent the Korean region at the Ballantine Challengers Ascension Pacific on April 28, 스포츠토토 while the runner-up, SLT Seongnam, took home KRW 15 million.