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Actosoft announced today that it is hosting Korea's first official PvP tournament, "Crystaline Conflict Limit Breakers Pre-Season," for its PC MMORPG, "Final Fantasy XIV.

"Crystaline Conflict Limit Breakers Pre-Season" is the first official tournament in Korea for "Crystaline Conflict," a new 5v5 PvP content introduced in V6.1 "New Adventures. The tournament's name, "Limit Breakers," refers to the competitive nature of Korean adventurers who utilize the powerful class-specific skill "Limit Break" 섯다 to push themselves beyond their limits to achieve victory.

The first official tournament in Korea, "Crystaline Conflict Limit Breakers Preseason," will offer a total prize pool of KRW 11 million, with the winning team receiving KRW 5 million in prize money and the runner-up receiving KRW 3 million in prize money, and the semifinalists receiving a commemorative plaque and a "Longka's Water Snake Umbrella" item. The 16 teams selected from the online ranked qualifiers will receive commemorative badges for the "Limit Breakers" competition.

Starting with the qualifiers, which will be held from July 11 to 24, the 16 teams that pass the qualifiers will compete in a private offline tournament with a three-round, best-of-three tournament match format at PC shops in the Seoul area on August 12. In particular, 온라인섯다 teams that successfully pass the main round and advance to the quarterfinals will participate in the finals, which will be broadcast live on September 16 at a special venue in the Seoul area, and will compete for the final championship.

Applications to participate in the preliminary rounds of the Crystaline Conflict Limit Breakers Preseason will be available on the official website from today until September 3, and are open to all users with a Final Fantasy XIV account, with teams of up to six players.

To celebrate the first official PvP tournament in Korea, Actosoft has organized an event to give away a "Sailor Outfit Set" to players who complete certain conditions in the PvP content "Crystaline Conflict" during the event.

"We are very excited to hold this official PvP tournament for the first time since the launch of the game in Korea," said Jung-hae Choi, Producer at Actosoft. "This tournament marks a new beginning and challenge for 'Final Fantasy XIV,' and we will strive to develop it into a regular event that many adventurers can enjoy together, so we ask for your continued interest."

The PC MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV," which celebrated its eighth anniversary in Korea this year, has been receiving a lot of attention for its new update, V6.3 "Festival in the Sky, Tremors in the Earth," which was announced at the 42nd Letter Live on the 27th. For more information on the first official PvP tournament in Korea, "Crystaline Complete Limit Breakers Preseason," 고스톱 please visit the official website and the official PvP tournament special page.