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Israeli flag flies at NBA exhibition game

Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, an Israeli professional basketball team played an exhibition game against a National Basketball Association (NBA) team.

An exhibition game between the NBA's Brooklyn Nets and the Israeli professional basketball team Maccabi was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Wednesday (June 13).

The game was won by Brooklyn, 135-103, but it wasn't really about winning or losing.

ESPN captured the atmosphere in the arena during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

First, Maccabi coach Yehu Orland lost one of his closest friends in the Hamas raid.

"It's a personal tragedy, but for all of us in Israel, it's everybody's tragedy," he said.

Maccabi arrived in the United States last week and has been involved in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas since it began, which has claimed several lives.

After the game, Maccabi will continue to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves through next week.

The game was preceded by a moment of silence to honor the victims of war.

"The players were discussing whether or not they should go ahead with this U.S. tour," Jeffrey Rosen, who sponsors the Maccabi team, told ESPN. "One player had to return to Israel, but the rest of the team was in favor of going ahead with the tour as planned."

Brooklyn center Nick Claxton also admitted that he thought it would be difficult to play as scheduled because "basketball isn't the most important thing right now."

Scenes from the exhibition match between Brooklyn and Maccabi.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

"Right now, Israel is in a state of sadness and despair," said Orland, "but there are children and young people there. We have to give them hope, and what we have to do now is continue with the scheduled events."

"If we put our heads down, hope is even more lost," he said, adding, "I am here to tell you that I am experiencing a heartbreaking pain, but not to cry."

Maccabi includes Jason Seagus, who played for the Goyang Orion in the 2019 Korean Professional Basketball League. Seagus scored 12 points on the night. 스포츠토토맨