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Three-nation friendly scheduled for Nov. 21 at Goyang Sports Complex South Korea selects Choi Dong-hwan, Choi Jin-cheol, Lee Eun-yong, Kim Nam-il, Lee Un-jae, etc. Brazil-Italy, Ronaldo-Kaka-Totti-Bebeto to participate

Iconic soccer players from South Korea, Italy, 토토사이트 and Brazil are coming together to play a friendly match in South Korea.

LASING City Group Korea held a press conference to announce the roster for the Legends Match at the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul Grand Ballroom in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul at 10:30 a.m. on April 22.

The press conference was attended by Korean legends Steady Hwan and Choi Jin-cheol, and Italian representatives Paulo Maldini and Francesco Totti, 토토 who shared their impressions of the match.

The first part of the roster announcement included a number of famous Korean players, including Lee Eun-yong, Kim Nam-il, and Lee Un-jae, as well as Choi Jin-cheol. Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Kaka (Brazil), Fabio Cannavaro, Marco Materazzi, and Del Piero (Italy), as well as other familiar names to soccer fans, were also included.

"As you can see from the list, it is not easy to gather such legends anywhere in the world," said Kim Yoon-sik, CEO of Lashing Korea, expressing his pride in the Legends Match.

In the second part of the program, the press conference was held for the participants of the Legends Match, Choi Jin-cheol, Maldini, and Totti. It had been 21 years since the 2002 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 between Korea and Japan.

"As you can see, I'm not in shape to play," he joked, "but I didn't think I'd be able to play with such world-class players before I die, so I'm glad I did." Choi Jin-chul also expressed his joy, saying, "It's an honor to play with my seniors again."

Maldini and Totti were equally excited, saying, "I'm always ready to play," and "I'm grateful and happy to be in Korea, and I'm really excited to play in this historic match."

While the Legends Match will be played by national teams, 스포츠토토 it is common for clubs to play against each other in charity matches overseas. However, in Korea, it is rare to see a legends match between professional soccer K League teams.

Like Totti, who played for AS Roma, and Maldini, who only played for AC Milan, Choi Jin-chul is a legend of Jeonju World Cup Stadium, having played for 12 years in the K League 1 Jeonbuk.

"I think the K League needs something like a legends match. "I think it would be respectful to the players who have gone through the team, and meaningful for soccer fans who want to see them once in a while," he said. "It's still not enough, but I think (K League teams) can gradually change.

Meanwhile, the Legends Match will be held on March 21 at the Goyang Sports Complex in a three-way match between Korea, Brazil, and Italy. Each half will last 20 minutes, with a 10-minute break. The start time of the match is currently being coordinated due to broadcasting agreements. 스포츠토토맨

Korean, Italian, and Brazilian Legends Match Attendance List

Korean Legends

Goalkeeper = Lee Un-jae

Defenders = Oh Bum-seok, Choi Sung-yong, Choi Jin-cheol, Kim Tae-young, Kim Kim-woo

Midfielders = Kim Doo-hyun, Lee Eun-yong, Kim Sang-sik, Baek Ji-hoon, Kim Hyung-beom, Kim Nam-il

Forward = Cho Jae-jin, Cho Seong-hwan

◇Italy Legends

Goalkeeper = Marco Amelia

Defenders = Paulo Maldini, Fabio Cannavaro, Marco Materazzi, Christian Zaccardo, Massimo Oddo, Marco Cassetti, Andrea Barzagli

Midfielders = Simone Barone, Stefano, Mauri, Stefano Fiore, Gianluca Zambrotta, Simone Perotta, Christian Brochi

Forwards = Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Luca Toni

◇Brazil Legends

Goalkeeper = Julio Cesar

Defenders = Lucio, Roberto Carlos, Junior Baiano, Maicon, Junior

Midfielders = Amaral, Jé Roberto, Edmiússon, Giobertu Ciuva, Ediússon, Kaka

Forwards = Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Giovani, Luiz, Bebeto