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KT Rolster swept the Guangdong Freecs 2:0 in the summer matchup of the 2023 LCK Challengers League (LCK CL) at WDG Esports Studio.

In Game 1, both the Guangdong Freecs and KT Rolster focused on farming in the early game. The first kill came from Guangdong Freaks, as Nocturne on Curridge utilized his ultimate on the bottom lane to take down Wei's Lulu and take out Haip's Cogmo Blink. 토토사이트 He also won a 2v2 mid lane engagement to take Jace on 'Pasty'.

Guangdong Freaks quickly picked up the pace and continued to make gains in their operations to begin to widen the global gold gap. At 21-minutes, Guangdong Freaks had a global gold lead of around 5,000, but in the tower battle, Kogmo on 'Haip' made a huge play, getting a triple kill to win the battle and capture the Baron to turn the tide. In the end, KT Rolster managed to turn the tide with one battle and played well without making any mistakes to win the first set.

In the second game, 스포츠토토 Guangdong didn't start off too badly. After pressuring their opponents from the bottom to the tower, Guangdong called up Li Xin on 'Courage' to take Apellios on 'Haip', but there was a mishap on the tower. 'Lancer' Gragas, who was pressuring his opponent, was killed by 'Perfect' Jax while greedily mining the turret.

Jerry on 'Fire' was cut at a crucial time, and KT Rolster tried to hunt down the Baron, which made things even more difficult for Guangdong Freaks as Li Xin on 'Courage' was caught trying to steal it. KT Rolster then succeeded in rolling the snowball well without making any major mistakes, 스포츠토토맨 taking the second set and a clean 2:0 victory in the first match of the Summer.