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There was definitely something special about G2. Whether it was the aftermath of losing games one and two, 토토 the Mads were not at their best in game three and crumbled.

The Mad Lions got off to a good start in the early stages of the first level with a Nisqui kill on Caps' Nautilus. However, G2's Nautilus was the first to roam to the bottom and get a good hit on the bottom, and the top team exchanged kills, making this game a back-and-forth battle from the start. The kill score was tied at 4-4, but it was G2 who found their rhythm.

G2 utilized their messenger to drain a lot of health to the mid-second tower, and at the bottom, Caps' Nautilus, who was slow to grow, drained a lot of health from Ari, which Hanssama's Jinx caught with his ultimate. 안전놀이터 The Mad Lions were ahead in dragon stacks, but the momentum was strangely shifting in favor of G2.

G2 started to boldly hit Baron with their specialized Baron killing combinations. The speed of G2's baron hunting was faster than Mad Lions thought, and after taking the baron cleanly, G2 began to roll snowballs quickly and cleanly through the power of their buffs.

Mad was even more shaken. Their only advantage, the dragon stack, was also lost to G2, who freewayed through the bottom, destroying the bottom inhibitor and winning the ensuing engagements as G2 quickly grew to 10,000 global gold, 스포츠토토 destroying Mad's nexus and surviving 26 minutes.