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The Kartrider Drift League (KDL) Preseason 1 Team Finals will be held at the Vita 500 Coliseum in Jamsil on Thursday, 온라인카지노 featuring the final matchup between Guangdong Fricks and Reeve Sandbox.

Guangdong Freaks, who have been hungry for a team title since last year, and Reeve Sandbox, who finally made it to the finals this season, both have reasons to want to win, even though it's preseason. Guangdong Freaks will naturally want to beat Live Sandbox to experience the thrill of winning the title, as they have tasted the frustration of being runners-up in the past, and Live Sandbox is no less desperate than Guangdong Freaks as Jung Seung-ha and Park In-soo are about to enlist in the military.

In the regular season, the Guangdong Freecs were victorious. They were in good enough shape to challenge for the full league sweep before being swept by Aura at the end of the regular season. However, they had a hard-fought battle with Reveal Sandbox in the Finals, where Noh "World" Joon-hyun took down Park "Insoo" In-soo.

This matchup is expected to be just as intense. The skill level of the two teams is as close as a piece of paper, so it's likely that small variables, such as the conditions on the day, will determine the outcome. 온라인카지노 The speed game is likely to be the first to go, and with both teams boasting top speed, it's not easy to predict, while the item game will be very much about the mood and momentum of the day, with each player playing their part.

It will also be interesting to see which players will emerge if it comes down to an ace decider. For Reveal Sandbox, it wouldn't be surprising to see In-soo Park, Hyun-soo Park, and Neil, as well as Seung-ha Jung. For the Guangdong Freecs, Noh "World" Joon-hyun should be able to make the team based on his performance this season, and as expected, Lee "Zzz" Jae-hyuk or Yoo "Spear" Chang-hyun could also make an appearance.

Meanwhile, after the end of Preseason 1, 카지노사이트 the KDL Preseason 2 will begin on June 17 and the regular season will begin in September.