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Genji turned the tables on the unfavorable match. 성인웹툰 It was a game of calm and focus for Genji, who capitalized on T1's impatience.

T1 started the game with 'Owner' Kajix top ganking 'Doran' Nar. After a brief lull, Genji began to poke at the messenger, but T1 was able to get everyone on board and win the fight. Once again, T1 took the dragon to set up the second half of the game.

Genji couldn't give up three stacks of dragons to his opponent early on, so he risked his life on the dragon. The battle was lost, but the dragon was taken. As far as 5v5 hits go, Chobi's rumble was strong and well-timed.

At 22 minutes, 일본야동 T1 opted to go for the Baron. With a clean Baron kill, T1 was ready to take the next dragon, and Kumayushi's Apellios was growing to a scary 5/0/0 KDA. Genji opted to go for Faker's Annie instead of giving up a dragon, but Faker's Annie made a super play to take Phaze's Jinx with her.

They fought near the Herald and in front of Genji's Bottom Inhibitor, and while T1 destroyed Genji's Inhibitor, Jinx picked up a kill on Apellios, giving Genji an important boost. After winning the hantas, T1 tried to get near the opponent's nexus to end the game and grab the last of Chobi's Rumble, but Chobi held on and took out both opponents, allowing Genji to take the Baron.

Genji quickly advanced towards T1's nexus, where Jinx on 'Phase' smashed the tower and nexus with gusto, 한국야동 earning the first win of the day against T1.