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Technical specifications

  • Printable volume: 250mm, 350mm, 200mm (width, depth, height).
  • Layer thickness: 0,0875 to 0,125mm.
  • Color 3D Printer: mostly used in monochrome mode.


  • Models can be generated by every software capable of exporting STL files.
  • Check 3D model validity before printing!
    • The volumes should be closed.
    • No naked edges.
    • Coherent normal direction for all the closed volumes (normals pointing outside).
    • Exporting single objects in every STL-file is recommended for better nesting in multiple-object prints.


  • Tools here

Materials and configuration

  • zp150 white, high resolution printing powder.
  • zb60 clear binder.

Machine work flow

  • Turn on the computer.
  • Turn on the machine.
  • Check the binder level. Fill all four tanks with binder at least over the binder extraction pipes at the back side of the tanks. Don't fill them too much since the binder ages in the tank.
  • Close the caps softly, don't apply pressure.
  • Check the cleaning tank levels at the centre bottom part of the machine: the left one (cleaning liquid) should be almost full and the right one (residual liquid) should be empty or almost empty.
  • Check that the printing bed is prepared to print. If not go to 'Prepare the printing bed'.
  • Put the machine on-line pressing the 'Online' button.
  • Run the ZPrint software.
  • Open your STL file, select the units for your model, and the powder type (ZP150). The STL file should be a proper closed volume model with coherent normals.
  • Move, scale and rotate the model as you want in order to optimize the printing process. Try to foresee the difficulties that may arise in the removal process as the printed parts can be very fragile.
  • Take a look at the 2D mode in order to check if the material distribution is like you expect it to be.
  • Go to 'Print set-up' and select the proper printer, powder type and layer thickness (default to 0,0875mm).
  • Print the file (Ctrl+P).
  • Control the process and make sure that the binder is being distributed homogeneously without 'dry stripes'. If this stripes appear, some maintenance or replacement of the printing heads should take place.
  • A dialogue window in ZPrint shows you the elapsed printing time and estimates the overall duration of the process.
  • Once the printing process has finished, take the machine off-line and lower the material container (left down arrow) and remove the material surrounding the printed objects.
  • Once freed from most of the powder, carefully place the printed pieces on a tablet and put all into the powder recovering station.
  • Turn on the compressor and the vacuum cleaner and clean the printed objects until no loose powder sticks on them.
  • Take the pieces out of the recovering station and lightly spray them with distillate water with magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salt) to harden them.
  • Alternatively, if you need strong durable objects, you can infiltrate them with super glue.
  • Let the pieces dry in a safe place.
  • Once done with the printing and cleaning, every user should prepare the machine for the next one.
  • Check the powder recycling can (bottom right side of the machine). Use this powder in order to fill the printing bed.
  • Prepare the printing bed.
    • 1. Take the machine off-line pressing the 'Online' button.
    • 2. Open the machine hood.
    • 3. Move down the material container pressing the left down arrow button (Feed) and fill it with printing powder. Remove the air in the powder shaking carefully with the tools provided (inside the bottom left compartment).
    • 4. Flatten and compress the powder once the container is full.
    • 5. Bring up the printing bed pressing the right top arrow (Build). The bed should stay a few millimetres below the top level of the container frame.
    • 6. Press the button 'Spread' for some time. The machine will start to put material from the container onto the printing bed.
    • 7. Release the button when the machine keeps doing this operation by itself.
    • 8. Close the machine hood.
    • 9. Put the machine 'ONLINE' by pressing the 'Online' button.
  • Finally, clean both the printer and the powder recovering station with the vacuum cleaner.

Important commands

  • Important commands here

External links

  • See the ZPrint help for questions on the hardware specifications and for the specific software functionality.
  • ZCorp 3D-Printers web site


Only for advanced users

  • Check that printer cartridges are clean. Replace cartridge number 1 by switching its position with the unused cartridges 0, 2 and 3 until all 4 cartridges were used.
    • Instructions for that here...
  • Check that there is no printing powder in the cleaning unit and that the cleaning injector is not obstructed.
    • Printer head cleaning procedure here...
  • Make sure the cleaning solution did not clot due tu presence of printing powder or binder in the bottle.
    • In that case replace the cleaning solution, clean the tank and clean the filter placed at the end of the pipe with air pressure.

Technical Documents

media:Clean out procedurel.pdf
media:Pogo Board Replacement.pdf
media:Fast Axis Module Install.pdf
media:Flow Rate Test.pdf
media:Troubleshooting Guide.pdf