6 Axis Robotic Arm

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The original Makerbot Cupcake built at Fab Lab Barcelona in 2010

Technical specifications


  • Kuka Robots


  • KR 150 L110–2

Media:Image (laser5).png

Robotic Processes

List of processes already tested with the KUKA at IAAC (by order of feasibility and accessibility) : - Light Writing, - Pen Writing - Bot&Dolly Camera - 3D Scan (that can be combined with any other process for a slow material feedback loop) - Pick & Place - Wire / rope / fibre weaving - Spraying (paint, glue, fibre, sand, mud, clay) - Hot Wire Cutting. (EPS foam) - 7D Milling. (foam, plaster, wood,....) - 7D Chain-saw - 3D printing (plastic, clay, hydrogel...) - Reverse Milling (to be combined with Pick&Place application). - Real Time Interaction (to be combined with any other process, need RSI)