ABB IRB 120 - 6 Axes Robot

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ABB IRB 120 (6 Axes Robot)

Technical specifications

  • Model: ABB IRB120 (IRC5)
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Maximum reach: 580 mm
  • Payload: 3 kilograms

Health & Safety

Machine Workflow

- Turn on the switch on the controller

- Check if the robot is in manual mode

- Aknowledge any errors seen on the flexpendant

- Export your file in .PRG format and copy it in a USB

- Plug in the USB in the port on the flexpendant

- FInd the USB folder and change it to old format (.PRG)

- Press the Guard stop and press the play button to initiate the file

End Effectors

  • Small Pnuematic Gripper
File: Small_Pneumatic_Gripper.jpg
  • Vacuum gripper
File: Vacuum_Gripper.jpg
  • Small Vacuum gripper
File: Small_Vacuum_Gripper.jpg

- Spindle (500 W)

- Auger screw clay extruder with external feeder (Nozzle : 2mm / 4mm / 6mm /8mm

- Extruder 600 ml (Dispenser catridge + piston

Robotic Processes

List of processes already tested with the ABB at IAAC (by order of feasibility and accessibility) : - - - -

List of video of IAAC projects using a robot :