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In the beginning, this coach Oscar Tabarez troop had been underestimated by his own public. La Celeste perfomance is considered less stable in the qualification that triggers the assessment of italics. They were arrested by Venezuela's caretaker team 0-0. Fortunately a great 4-2 win over Bolivia in the last game made them finally qualify as runners-up under Brazil, with 10 points adrift. The two goals of suicide committed by Uruguayan players in the game was forgotten. Public began sympathy.

Armed with two-time champion title, Uruguay was optimistic they can repeat the old history. Since the world champions in 1930 and 1950 their performance is declining. The semifinals at the 2010 World Cup went on to become the best achievers to date.

In appearance, Uruguay from 18 times the qualifying match held held a pretty satisfactory results. Five times lost and the remaining 9 wins and 4 draws. Their results are even better than Argentina in this session.

Not only the result of qualifying, in the international tournament which is also a warm-up event, such as the Chinese Cup, they successfully become champions by stremaing piala dunia 2018 beating the host, Wales, and Czech Republic. So obviously they can not be underestimated in the allowance of Group A later with the host Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

Many assume that they get a relatively easy group, given the ratings of their opposing candidates under Uruguay. Russia is expected to be the only serious threat to them.

Both have met twice on stage at the World Cup when Russia is still called the Soviet Union. Of the two meetings, the two had mutually defeated each other. Russia's first victory in the Group A 1962 World Cup qualifier with a 2-1 result. But then, at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Uruguay avenged their defeat by 1-0 in the quarter-finals.

Create Tabarez, the opposing forces of tv online world cup 2018 who threatens them and who is not a threat is not the main thing to think about. He admitted really just focus to build the readiness of his team, without seeing the readiness of other teams.

"Our performance will be really impressive if there are no injured or jetlag players. This is important, because the time span of more than 12 hours so important points for us to note, "he said.

However, the problem of Uruguay is actually not just that. The health condition of the coach "El Maestro" (Tabarez's call) was also a concern, considering he is now battling a rare disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. This disease has suffered since 2016, when the beginning of Uruguay to the World Cup finals.