Bosch GEX 150 AC Orbit Sander

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Bosch GEX 150 AC Orbit Sander


The orbital sander allows for smooth, scratch free finish on plane wood board.

It is simply a sander that moves the sanding media in a circle (spinning it) while at the same time moving the entire pad in a slightly oval orbit around the center of the sanders z axis. Simply put the sander keeps the sanding particles from making contact with the same section of wood over and over, resulting in a more uniform finish.


  • Use the mask
  • When you turn on the machine keep it up from the surface
  • When you turn off the machine let it come to a complete stop before placing it on the table

How to use

  • Before you begin sanding, make sure the disk of the sander has proper sandpaper attached and with the ideal grain
  • Make sure that the sandpaper already on the sander does still have grit; if it is too used, replace it before sanding
  • As usual, make sure that the material you are sanding is in a vice, or securely clamped to a table
  • When you turn the sander on, make sure you let it spin up to full speed before making contact with the material.
  • Don't press down on the sander. The weight of the sander and your arm will cause enough pressure to get the job done.
  • Cover all rough surfaces of the material until the edges have been thoroughly smoothed and you have removed all splinters.
  • Lift the sander off of the material before allowing it to slow down/ turn off.


  • Good finishing,
  • No big marks on the wood,
  • Only for flat surfaces
  • Random movement
  • Not good for the edges

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