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Use of this facility requires the use of standard safety precautions at all times. This includes but is not limited to:

- Never work alone

- Be aware of how to stop the machine from being used, and how to call for help before starting to use any machine.

-Ear protection and dust masks are available and should be worn when necessary.

- Safety glasses are the student’s responsibility, students must not work in this space without them, if there aren’t any available when you enter the shop, it’s no excuse to work without them. Ask for them to the Fabrication assistants!


- Only closed-toe shoes should be worn in the lab areas.

- Long hair has to be tied up. Loose clothes should be tightened, and dangling jewellery should be removed before entering the lab areas. These can get caught on the tools or machines.

- Wear a dust mask when grinding or other operations that may generate fine airborne particles.

- Do not leave tools on the machine when you finish. Put them in their allocated place.

- Always be aware of the safe operation of the machines. If you're unfamiliar with a particular machine, consult the workshop staff before using it.

- Do not make parts in haste. Plan each job and procedure in advance. Determine what material and special tools may be needed.

- Use the dustpan or vacuum to remove chips from a machine while it is not running; this is NOT to be done by hand.

- Each student is required to report all issues, accidents, and tool breakages to the staff, lab manager and lab assistants (If neither is available, please report this to [email protected])

- No food or drinks are allowed in the workshop areas.

- Respect the machines and what they can (and can’t) do; never, ever use the machines for anything other than what they were designed to do, and never tamper, alter, or play with the equipment!

- All students are required to clean the machine and sweep the work area before leaving the lab areas.

- All students must wear safety glasses while using :

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