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Belgium became one of the new powers in world football. Having long been a team of 'cheerleaders' in the championships such as the World Cup and the European Cup, in the last six years they have been transformed into a respected team in the world.

Belgian national team really quite often enter the World Cup. Recorded, Belgium has 12 times entered the four-year championship. However, they are more often stuck in the group stage or round one. Even so, they were listed as a semifinalist in 1986.

Now, after escaping from the shadows of Dutch purity, Belgium is slowly getting incorporated into the leading teams in every tournament. In the 2014 World Cup and 2016 stremaing piala dunia rusia European Cup, Belgian national team considered as a championship team. In fact, in the 2014 World Cup, they could break through the quarterfinals before being stopped by Argentina.

In FIFA rankings, Belgium's ranking is also always consistent in the top 10. In fact, from the last FIFA rankings list in April 2018, the Belgian national team is in third trans tv online piala dunia position under world champions Germany (one) and Brazil (two). Surely this is an extraordinary achievement that can not even be equaled by the Netherlands in recent decades. Belgium managed to bypass countries that are notoriously strong in football such as Argentina, Spain, England, to Italy.

Belgian strength is true not apart from the golden forces that are running within the team. Today Belgium has a squad that is arguably the best in their history. Almost all Belgian core players are the stars of their respective clubs. Names such as Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Ousman Dembele (Barcelona), Romelu Lukaku (Man United), until Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) are world stars who fill the Belgium squad. Naturally it feels if the team's achievements soared with a list of players like this.