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(End Effectors)
(End Effectors)
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HSD Spindle
HSD Spindle
9KW with automatic Tool Changer  
9KW with Automatic Tool Changer  
Metal Tool Holder (can be mounted on the table)
Metal Tool Holder (can be mounted on the table)
  [[:File: Kuka_Spindle.jpg]]
  [[:File: Kuka_Spindle.jpg]]
*'''Mini Spindle (External)'''
*Spindle (External)
*Spindle (External)
  [[:File: SpindleExternal.jpg]]
  [[:File: SpindleExternal.jpg]]

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Kuka Robot KR 150 L110–2

Technical specifications

  • Model: Kuka Robotics: KR 150 L110–2
  • Number of axes: 6
  • Maximum reach: 3,500 mm

Health & Safety

Machine Workflow

Turn on the machine

  • Turn on the air compressor (if working with gripper or spindle)
  • Turn on the Kuka box for electronic switches
  • Turn on the Kuka controller KRC2 with the black handle
  • Wait that the operative system Windows XP turns on
  • Press the two buttons on the box attached to the entrance door; first "rearme", then "peticion"
  • On the Teach Pendant press the window selection key to switch the selection to the command status window
  • Use the soft keys to acknowledge the status
  • Copy the file from the USB into the server to execute the file

End Effectors

  • Hotwire Cutter
  • Extruder (Small)

Custom-made Pneumatic Extruder for Viscous Material

Capacity: 1 liter

Nozzle sizes : 2mm / 4mm / 6mm / 8mm

File: Small_Extruder.jpg
  • Extruder (Large)

Custom-made Pneumatic Extruder for Viscous Material

Capacity: 12.5 liters

Nozzle size: 8mm

Reference Project : https://iaac.net/project/pylos/

File: Large_Extruder.jpg
  • Pellet Extruder


Reference Project: http://www.iaacblog.com/programs/robotic-mixed-reality-roland-snooks-natalie-alima-2/

File: Pellet_Extruder.jpg
  • External Drill
File: ExtDrill.jpg
  • Large Pnuematic Gripper

RPW-625M-1 x 2 + Flexible fixing system 200 to 2000mm distance

Reference Project : https://iaac.net/project/fusta-robotica-otf-2015/

File: Large_Pneumatic_Gripper.jpg
  • Vacuum gripper

COVAL Suction Cups + Strong Vacuum

File: Vacuum_Gripper.jpg
  • Measure Pin
File: MeasurePin.jpg
  • Saw N1 (External)
File: SawN1.jpg
  • Saw N2 (External)
File: SawN2.jpg
  • Kuka Spindle

HSD Spindle

9KW with Automatic Tool Changer

Metal Tool Holder (can be mounted on the table)

File: Kuka_Spindle.jpg
  • Mini Spindle (External)
  • Spindle (External)
File: SpindleExternal.jpg
  • Spray 1
File: SprayA.jpg
  • Spray 2
File: SprayB.jpg

Robotic Processes

List of processes already tested with the KUKA at IAAC (by order of feasibility and accessibility) :

  • Light Writing,
  • Pen Writing
  • Clay Engraving
  • Bot&Dolly Camera
  • 3D Scan (that can be combined with any other process for a slow material feedback loop)
  • Pick & Place
  • Wire / rope / fibre weaving
  • Spraying (paint, glue, fibre, sand, mud, clay)
  • Hot Wire Cutting. (EPS foam)
  • 7D Milling. (foam, plaster, wood,....)
  • 7D Chain-saw
  • 3D printing (plastic, clay, hydrogel...)
  • Reverse Milling (to be combined with Pick&Place application).
  • Real Time Interaction (to be combined with any other process, need RSI)

List of video of IAAC projects using a robot : https://vimeo.com/album/3361210



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