Makita DHP453 Hammer driver drill

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Makita DHP453 Hammer driver drill


How to use

  • Choose the correct drill bit.
  • Fit the drill bit firmly into the chuck. You may be able to do this by hand,

  • Drill and screwdriver,
  • Two speeds, less speed more power, more speed less power
  • Gear number:
    • High number (14) more pressure and power
    • Low number (1) less power for not damage the material when you reach the surface
  • Screw position
  • Hammer position, not just spin (not for metal and wood)



Using a bit made from the wrong material can cause the bit or the material you're drilling to break. You can use a general-purpose bit on most wood; a masonry bit for stone, brick or concrete; an HSS (high speed steel) bit on most metals Drills.png



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