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[[Category:Hand tools]]
[[Category:Hand tools]]
[[File:Makita-DTD146.png| thumb |Makita DTD146 Cordless impact driver]]
[[File:Makita-DTD146.png| thumb |Makita DTD146 Cordless impact driver]]

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Makita DTD146 Cordless impact driver


The impact drivers have started to replace the cordless drills in some applications, especially with the advent of bit sets with hex-shank accessories that are specifically designed to withstand the stresses that these drivers impose on a bit.

Impact drivers are high-torque tools primarily used for driving screws and tightening nuts. Their chuck accepts only bits with a hex shank. You either pull up on the chuck sleeve to insert a bit or you just slip the bit into the chuck.

These tools are lighter and smaller than drill drivers, and although they are not as versatile, they will perform many of the same functions. Since their torque output is higher than a typical drill driver, they get through work more quickly.

How to use

  • Choose the correct bit and size
  • When you screw you need to push the board down
  • If you can't use the clamp, Can mark the wood with a nail or trim a hole.
  • With hard wood or thin wood use the countersink bit to make the hole to hide the head of the screw, if you don’t the wood can split
  • When the battery is low, swap it with a charged one. There is one or more spare battery packs charging


  • Pawerful
  • Screwdriver


The bit for the screw are: Torx, Slotted, Pozidriv, Phillips, Allen. And Every type has different size marks with a number on the side of the bit Screws.png

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