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==Technical specifications==
==Technical specifications==
*Cutting area: 1300 x 900 millimeters
*Cutting area: 1030 x 630 mm
*Machine size: W 1870 x D 1700 x H 1110 mm
*Machine size: 1550 x 1080 x 1080 mm
*Cutting power 60 - 120 watts
*Cutting power Sealed-off CO2 DC 60 / 100 W
*Laser type= CO2 laser
*Laser type= CO2 laser
==Machine work flow==
==Machine work flow==

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Rayjet400 Laser Cutter

Technical specifications

  • Cutting area: 1030 x 630 mm
  • Machine size: 1550 x 1080 x 1080 mm
  • Cutting power Sealed-off CO2 DC 60 / 100 W
  • Laser type= CO2 laser

Machine work flow

  • Turn on the main fume extractor in the big laser cutter switch panel.
  • Turn on the small air compressor on the left-hand side of the machine.
  • Turn on the laser cutter (left side of the machine).
  • Make sure the material you want to use is in the 'Materials and configuration' list. If it is not there, ask the Fab Lab responsible.
  • Measure the size of your material board. The bed size of the Rayjet 500 is 1291x900mm. If your material is larger than this bed size, you should cut it down to the correct format.
  • Focus the cutting nozzle according to the thickness of your material by using a specific tool provided by the lab. Depending on the objectives of your work, you can set varying focus levels.(0=Proper focus, cleanest edge; <0=Thicker materials, broader cutting channel; >0=Reduced power, broader cut line burn markings)
  • Once your file is prepared properly for printing, press Ctrl+P or select 'Print'.
  • In the destination tab, set the printer to > Rayjet Manager Engraver v10.7.3, confirm that your file units are in mm and 1:1 scale and then press to start up the Rayjet Software.
  • The laser cutter driver interface should appear. Ensure that the workspace of the interface is clear and if not right-click and delete anything remaining.
  • Connect the computer to the engraver by selecting the button under the ‘Jobs’ panel.
  • Find your latest file sent to print in the left-hand corner under the 'Jobs' tab and drag it onto the workspace. Drag your file onto the canvas by selecting the file name, and dragging it onto the canvas. Now you have two options to set up your work location on the canvas depending on your work objectives:
    • Option 1- Move job to zero position
    • Option 2- Move job to nozzle position
  • Under the Settings menu, find and select ‘Material’ to set up your cutting and engraving parameters for your file strategies. Please take care to set up the proper parameter settings according to the appropriate color layer as follows below:
    • 1- Cut and Engrave lines are in the CUT CO2 DC option
    • 2- Raster work is in ENGRAVE CO2 DC option (The Rayjet 500 Laser cutting machine is NOT recommended for raster works due to the large file sizes which freeze the interface. The Epilog 50/75w Laser cutter machines are better suited and more optimized in terms of time to develop these types of works)
    • 3- Skip only if you are not using the colour layer option.
  • To verify if your drawing lines are set up properly with the colours set up in material settings, click on the EYE icon. This will let you check your colour vectors.
  • On the left-hand side under the 'Calculation' tab, you will find the estimated time to run the file based on the parameter settings specified.
  • IMPORTANT: Always optimize the print time by right-clicking on your job and selecting 'Vector Ordering'.
  • A window will pop open to specify with two options, Quick Ordering or Enhanced Ordering.
    • Quick ordering is very fast and easy to use method. Of course, more complex jobs, with a higher number of vectors may require the enhanced ordering method. But bear in mind that the enhanced method is more time consuming. This will re-order all vectors within a job file to achieve way-optimized processing, reducing cutting time.
  • To see the new time calculation for your job, go to the left-hand side under the 'Calculation' tab, and select 'Update'. This will update the total production time.
  • Once all is finalized, click on the Play icon, on the bottom right side to launch the file on the Rayjet machine. The work should automatically.
  • Don't leave the machine unattended. It is always required to check the machine during the work is being developed.
  • Once the job is complete, please turn OFF the air assistance and remove all your pieces off of the bed. Any leftover pieces should be cut down to a proper size and stored in the material drawers. Always keep this small area clean and free for others to use.

External links

  • See web site machine [1]
  • About material parameters [2]



  • A quick TUTORIAL to use the Rayjet software: [3]
    • See technical data sheet (PDF) [4]


It should be noted here that the information gathering was drawn by Ricardo Mayor Luque and other people at IAAC