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How to report an accident in 6 simple steps

Accidents are never nice. And, no matter how many measures you have in place to prevent them, they still happen. Certain specified accidents – like fractures, amputations and loss of consciousness, to name just a few – must be reported under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR). For a comprehensive list of what needs to be reported, head here. Although we hope you never find yourself needing to report one, if you do, as you’ll soon see, it’s really not that bad. Your six-step guide to report accidents 1. The person First and foremost, the person/people reporting accidents must be competent to do so. By this, we mean someone who’s sufficiently trained, has relevant knowledge and experience and is proactive, willing and capable with their approach to Health & Safety. 2. Log the accident Next, you need to log the accident in your accident book – if you don’t have one, you need one. If you’re a Citation client, you’ll have a template available in Atlas or a hard copy made available to you. Within your accident book, you should record details like: The name, gender, date of birth and job title of the injured party; The date the accident happened; The date the accident was reported; The name and job title of the person logging the accident; Whether or the not the injured party is an expectant mother; and Whether or not the injured party is a minor. You should update your accident book with these details as soon as is reasonably possible after the accident has occurred. 3. Formal investigation Stage three is a formal investigation – it sounds more daunting than it is. The main components of your inquiry are gathering witness statements, taking pictures of the area the accident happened, and drawing out a detailed plan of what actually went on. 4. Is it reportable? Steps two and three should be followed regardless of if the accident is reportable under RIDDOR. Step four is all about determining whether your accident reporting needs to be escalated to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). If you’re a Citation client, you should give our advice line a call. Our Health & Safety experts will tell you if it needs to be reported under RIDDOR and, if it does, we’ll let you know how to best approach the HSE. If you’re not yet part of the Citation team, you need to thoroughly research whether the nature of the accident is reportable – we’ve taken a good look here, and the HSE is packed with useful information too. It’s really important to get this part right. If it’s not a RIDDOR reportable accident and you log it with the HSE anyway, you might instigate an unnecessary investigation into your business. 5. Fill in your forms If your accident is reportable, the penultimate step involves completing an online form that’ll be stored in the HSE’s RIDDOR database. There are seven reports to choose from: Report of an injury Report of a dangerous occurrence Report of an injury offshore Report of a dangerous occurrence offshore Report of a case of disease Report of the flammable gas incident Report of a dangerous gas fitting. You can access each of the online forms here. When it comes to filling in your form, prioritise which reporting option is most important. Although more than one might be relevant, RIDDOR works on the basis of one report per event, rather than one per reportable issue. 6. Review your risk assessments It’s always good practice to review relevant risk assessments and internal policies after an accident or near accident has taken place. Why? So that you can identify any potential gaps and prevent something similar from happening again down the line.

Keeping it simple Our experts aren’t about making Health & Safety harder than it needs to be. We’re here to keep things simple and take the stress out of the day-to-day. With everything from identifying your competent person and running a formal investigation, to understanding RIDDOR requirements and running risk assessments, we’re here to help – every single step of the way.

Advantage of Investing in Healthcare Digital Marketing

[Digital marketing for healthcare][1] is not only a profitable tool for attracting more patients, but it is also a cost-effective way to promote a healthcare service.

Let's take a look at a few primary benefits.

Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) You can slash the overall ad budget by implementing a digital marketing strategy in order to attract new customers. According to a survey conducted by a US vein practice, medical centers spend an average of $314 and $348 per patient on print and television advertisements, respectively. This is a significant sum of money as opposed to the cost of launching a [healthcare digital marketing][2] campaign (over 50% slash in ad spend). Location-based Targeting Healthcare centers may use digital marketing to reach a particular audience, such as age, gender, place, and more. It will be easier to communicate to patients this way, and patients will have a more personalized experience.

Decisions based on data For conventional marketing, tracking down patient records can be complicated, but for digital marketing, it's a breeze. Furthermore, [digital marketing for hospitals] [3]makes it easier to make a knowledgeable, data-driven decision. Improved Search Engine Visibility One out of every twenty Google searches is for healthcare-related material, such as health and fitness tips, sickness signs, diet recommendations, and more. It's positive news. You will boost the chances of landing on Google's frontlist by using successful digital ads and search engine optimization.

Increased Patient Referrals With digital marketing, you have access to a variety of technical resources and technologies that can help you scale your campaign for maximum efficiency and generate high-quality leads for your healthcare company. Healthcare marketing is the modern standard for a good specialist health service and there's no doubt about it. Digital marketing's role in the healthcare industry cannot be exaggerated or can say, amplified.

Establishing an online presence is important for the success of your healthcare sector because it helps you to reach out to a broader consumer that invests time online.

3. Can I customize my news feed on

Absolutely! offers a personalized news feed based on your browsing behavior and preferences. By analyzing your interests, we curate a tailored news experience, presenting you with articles that align with your specific interests. You can also manually customize your feed by selecting preferred categories or topics.

K-League's First Youth Overseas Profit Business

Seoul E-Land announced in a press release on the 6th that it was the first in the K-League to conduct a youth overseas profit business. Seoul E held the 'Seoul E-Land FC Overseas Soccer Camp' in Jakarta, Indonesia, for three days from the 26th to the 28th of last month, with club U-15 coach Jin Seong-jun and U-12 coach Kim Jin-hwan, and about 150 local participants in Indonesia.

This overseas soccer camp was held through collaboration between Seoul E, which is based in Seoul, and the capital team of Persiza Jakarta, a strong player in Indonesia's Liga 1. 스포츠토토 In particular, the fact that existing European clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Sevilla FC broke the mold of visiting Korea and supervised education, and Seoul E was the first K-League to enter overseas markets, creating a new direction for profit generation through overseas profit business along with youth clinics. It means a lot.

Seoul E Youth Team U-15 head coach Seong-Jun Jin and U-12 head coach Jin-Hwan Kim had a great time sharing Korean youth programs and philosophy with 100 Persiza Jakarta academies and 40 ordinary people. In addition, the enthusiasm and positive attitude of the participants were shown.

Park Hoon, team leader of Seoul E, said, "There is a lot of interest in Korean football in the Southeast Asian market due to the club's player Ban Toan, who has entered the K-League. We wanted to use this as an opportunity to create a profitable overseas business for the club on behalf of Korea." Thanks to the successful completion, more inquiries are coming in. We will continue to create successful cases with better management."

Women's Aoccer Team Players World Cup Goals

The Korea Football Association conducted a survey of 31 players who participated in the final call-up training for the World Cup in the monthly technical report 'Onside', and as a result, 16 (51.6%) answered 'World Cup expectations' as 'Quarterfinals' on the 6th. revealed Korea previously competed in the women's World Cup finals in 2003, 2015, and 2019, and reached the round of 16 only in the 2015 Canadian tournament, and was eliminated in the group stage in the other two appearances.

This tournament has been prepared through 'high-intensity' training with coach Colin Bell (England), the first foreign coach in the history of the Korean women's soccer team, for nearly four years, and is about to play its first group league match against Colombia on the 25th of this month. Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), the 'Ace', was picked as the most expected player in this World Cup. 먹튀검증 Ji So-yeon was selected by 13 people, 43.3%. Subsequently, six people revealed that they were striker Yuri Choi (Hyundai Steel), and Park Eun-sun (Seoul City Hall) and Lee Geum-min (Brighton) received support from three each.

In the question of predicting Korea's 'first scorer' for this World Cup, Ji So-yeon and Choi Yu-ri were tied for first place with 9 each. Lee Geum-min had 7 people and Park Eun-sun had 2 people. When asked if they were conscious of the performance of the men's national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, 23 people (74.2%) answered "no". Veteran midfielder Jo So-hyun (Tottenham) said, "The achievements of men's football are something to be pleased and celebrated in themselves, but I don't think we need to be aware of it or feel burdened." It seems like a better picture to receive.

The entire contents of this survey can be seen in the July issue of 'Onside' on the Korea Football Association's website. In celebration of the Women's World Cup, the July issue of 'Onside' featured women's soccer specials, including interviews with Cho So-hyun and Lim Seon-joo (Hyundai Steel), Korea's women's World Cup challenges, and the national team's diary under coach Bell.

Nurturing K-League Youth System

Multiple officials familiar with the situation in the K-League recently told Sports Chosun, "The Korea Professional Football Federation is considering introducing a rule that widens the door only to foreign players directly nurtured in the K-League youth system. K-League without applying to the foreign quota It is to make it possible to step on the stage. Foreigners, multiple nationalities, refugee applicants, etc. are all included. The Professional Football Federation reviewed it once before, but it was put on hold for a while due to the problem of expanding the foreigner quota. Recently, we are discussing it again." However, the system reviewed by the Professional Football Federation is slightly different from the concept of having more than a few players who have been nurtured by their own country or club, such as the 'Home Grown' system of the English Premier League (EPL).

Korean society is increasingly globalized. According to the census of the National Statistical Office, the number of multicultural households in 2021 is 385,219. This is an increase from 367,775 households in 2020. The multicultural population is also 1,119,267. 안전놀이터 It increased from 2020 (1,093,228 people). As of 2021, there are 1,649,967 foreigners living in Korea.

Ground is no exception. In 2021, as a result of a full investigation of 22 K-League youth teams by the Professional Football Federation, there were a total of 15 foreign and multiple nationality players. There were 2 foreign nationals under the age of 12 (U-12) and 4 under the age of 15 (U-15). There were more players of multiple nationalities. There were 3 U-12 players, 3 U-15 players, and 3 under 18 (U-18) players. Since then, there have been some changes due to Corona 19, etc., but in 2023, foreign or multinational players are still growing in the youth system.

The Jeju United U-15 team has two players from multiple nationalities. German-Korean and Japanese-Korean. Ansan Greeners have two each on their U-12 and U-15 teams. There are also various nationalities such as Russia, Côte d'Ivoire, and China. There are more multi-national players in Ansan, but some are known to have chosen Korean nationality. Foreigners are also breathing in the K-League youth system. The Daegu FC U-18 team has a Brazilian player. He came to Korea three years ago because of his father's work relationship, and is growing up in the Daegu youth system. The FC Seoul U-18 team has a Côte d'Ivoire player.

They live in Korea and are growing up in the K-League youth system. However, it is not easy for them to step on the K-League stage. There are theoretically two ways to join a pro team. They must either naturalize and acquire Korean nationality, or each club must select them as a foreigner quota. In reality, it is not a simple matter. The naturalization process itself is very difficult. In addition, it is more of an adventure for individual K-League clubs to select newcomers as foreign quotas.

A high-ranking official from Team A said, "We are living in an era of globalization. The number of foreign or multicultural families living in Korea is increasing. At least for the players who came to Korea as children and grew up in the K-League youth system, the opinion is that the foreigner quota should not be applied. came out," he said. A high-ranking official from Team B also said, "If it were 10 years ago, we would not have considered it. However, looking at the recent trend, the number of foreigners and multicultural families is increasing significantly.

The US Major League Soccer (MLS) allowed players who grew up in American and Canadian clubs to be freely recruited through the 'home-grown' system. According to the Homegrown International Rules of MLS, 'All players who are members of the MLS club academy in the United States or Canada who meet the player eligibility requirements or similar requirements are considered domestic players. If a player becomes a member of an MLS club academy in the United States or Canada before the age of 15, they sign their first professional contract in MLS or club affiliates thereafter.

The K-League is also considering the same method as the MLS. There are prerequisites. The International Football Federation (FIFA), in principle, restricts overseas transfers of players under the age of 18. Exceptions are allowed only in the case of transfers within the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), where the parents of the youth player immigrated for reasons not related to football, or where the player and the club are located within 50 km of the national border. The K-League should also have restrictions such as 'residence for at least several years' in order to prevent potential abuse and not to damage the advancement of leagues in other countries. In fact, in the past, it became a problem when recruiting mixed-race players in women's professional basketball.

There are also voices that raise the issue of fairness with other professional events. Professional baseball, professional basketball, and professional volleyball all implement a draft system. A prerequisite for participating in the draft is Korean nationality. The method of selecting players is different from the K-League. An official from C said, "We are at a stage where we can introduce a Korean-style home-grown system. I wonder if the discussion will progress rapidly within this year. The number of multicultural families is also increasing. It is a natural thing to experience as society changes."

Recruitment of Panoni in the afternoon Super strong

KIA announced on the 6th that it had recruited Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni. There is a time difference. In the morning, the signing of Sanchez was announced, and in the afternoon, the official Panoni contract was displayed. Kia announced that it had signed a contract with Panoni for an annual salary of $350,000. Born in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, Thomas Panoni has a height of 185 cm and a weight of 92 kg. He played for 3 seasons in the major leagues, 10 seasons in the minor leagues and 1 season in the KBO league.

His career record in the major leagues is 50 games (13 starts), 7 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 5.46. Last season in the KBO League, he participated in 14 games and pitched 82.2 innings, recording an average ERA of 2.72 with 3 wins and 4 losses. A KIA official said, 토토 "Panoni has consistently kept the starting rotation in Triple A this season and showed stable pitching, and he has experience in the KBO league, so we expect him to adapt quickly. After arriving in Korea today, Panoni is scheduled to undergo a medical test tomorrow, the 7th. On the 6th, the KIA applied for a waiver notice for pitcher Sean Anderson to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO).

Prior to Panoni, he first announced that he had signed a contract with Sanchez for an annual salary of $280,000. This season, he pitched 62.2 innings in 10 games (9 starts) as a member of the Tungyi Lions of the Taiwan Professional Baseball League, recording 8 wins and 1 loss with an ERA of 1.44. He went 44-33 with a 3.94 earned run average in 210 career minor league games (77 starts).

Sanchez has a fast ball that averages around 140 km/h, as well as a curveball, slider, and changeup. The club revealed the reason for the recruitment, saying, “Based on stable control, he has excellent game management skills and has a variety of pitches, so he was evaluated as a suitable substitute. Medina played in 12 games, with 2 wins and 6 losses, an average ERA of 6.05, and only 3 quality starts. On June 21, he was excluded from the entry after giving up 3 runs in 2 innings against Hanwha in Daejeon. He was subsequently released on the 4th with a waiver announcement.

Anderson's replacement is somewhat unexpected. He appeared in 14 games and had a record of 4-7, ERA of 3.76, and 8 QS. He was in ace mode with an ERA of 2.58 in April, but he fell significantly with a 7.71 in May. Again, since June, 2.96 in 4 games, and the last 3 consecutive quality starts, seemed to rebound. However, even after the readjustment, he had blistering issues and pitched ups and downs. It seems that the judgment that it is difficult to beat the KBO league hitters with the current pitch has worked.

Casino Lamar Announces Listing of 90's Shows

Casino Lamar is taking entertainment levels to the next level in 2023, with Game Amenity most recently announcing its 90s live event lineup. Titled I Love The 90s Tour, the list includes some of the most popular names from the 90s, which will entertain spectators in casinos. Some of the names are Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, 54-40, Sugar Hill Gang, The Northern Pikes, etc.

Located at Lamar, Ontario, L3V 6H6 and Lamar Rama Rd 5899, Casino Lamar is one of the largest gaming facilities in Ontario. And in addition to special gambling options, casinos offer great meals and entertainment facilities. The facility suspended live shows in 2020 due to unprecedented conditions, but now everything is back to normal and guests are welcomed back.

I love the 90s tour

Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, 54-40, some names to take part in the I love the 90s tour featuring Sugar Hill Gang, Northern Pikes and young MC. The stars will perform some of the greatest hits of the 90s, and the event will take place at the casino's entertainment center on March 3, 2023. The event starts at 9 p.m., but the door opens an hour earlier.

Tickets for nostalgic events can vary, starting at $49 CA, according to the gambling site. For example, you can also buy CA$59, CA$75, CA$85, CA$95, CA$110. Pre-orders start at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 8. Meanwhile, the sale begins Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 12:00 PM.

And if the 90s isn't your cup of tea, casinos also offer a variety of live shows. March 24, 2023, Connor Gas's stand-up Canadian comedians Shawn Majumder and Brent Burt will entertain the audience. Prior to that, the casino will also host an episode of Dancing with the Star, which will be held before January 28, 2023.

Event tickets are available at the casino box office or online at . , is the only official ticket retailer for the property's live shows. Individuals planning to participate should be aware that there are 6 tickets per customer per show. Also, guests must be at least 12 years old to enter the entertainment venue, and the game floor must be at least 19 years old.

More on Casino Llamas in 2022

In April this year, Casino Lama agreed to a new and improved collective agreement with union members. The new contract is valid for the next three years and awards workers a 9.5% pay increase during the contract period. The agreement improves benefits, reduces insurance premiums for part-time workers by 50 percent, and improves vision and medical coverage for all members.

However, in June 2022, some of the casino's employees complained about the shuttle's cancellation. The employer attributed the decision to suspend the shuttle service to a sharp drop in passenger numbers over the past two years. The move reportedly affects more than 100 employees who relied on the service

Mbappe, I have no intention of going to Saudi Arabia

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), despite Saudi Arabia's Al Hilal's annual salary offer of close to 1 trillion won, was found to be embarrassed when leading striker Kylian Mbappe announced that he would remain in the current team. On the other hand, Real Madrid, which is suspected of having already agreed to a contract with him next summer, is only relaxed. On the 27th, the British political journal 'The Times' said, "PSG is in great confusion about Mbappe's refusal to listen to the Saudi proposal." However, the Saudi negotiating team said that PSG also has hope because it will do everything to talk to Mbappe.

PSG seems to have considered Mbappe's proposal from Al-Hilal reasonable in its own way. Al-Hilal accepted Mbafe's transfer fee and salary on the condition that he only play for one year in the 2023/24 season. The transfer fee of more than 400 billion won is sweet to PSG, but it is because it is predicted that no one will be able to refuse the annual salary worth 990 billion won that Mbappe was offered. However, Mbafe, who decided to go to Real Madrid without a transfer fee of 1 won as a free agent after playing for PSG in the 2023/24 season, is known to not consider the moves of PSG and Al-Hilal at all.

PSG excluded him from the Asian tour list to urge Mbappe to leave. However, Mbappe seems to remain in Paris calmly and take part in training while taking part in the second army. After joining PSG on loan in 2017, Mbappe, who transferred completely ahead of the 2018/19 season, was one of the current PSG's representative players, but this summer, he announced a future transfer directly at the transfer market, which embarrassed the club and fans.

He recently revealed that he would not renew his contract with PSG, and revealed that he would leave the team as a free agent in the summer of 2024. Mbappe had already requested a transfer to go to Real Madrid ahead of the 2022/23 season, but this time he clearly showed his will to leave the team. Accordingly, PSG is in a position to choose only one of the two contract extensions and transfers this summer without being dragged around by Mbafe.

Chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi said at a press conference held at the clubhouse on the 5th, "If Mbafe does not want to sign a new contract, the door is always open. There is no one bigger than the club. This is the same for the player and me." Even after that, when Mbappe only expressed his intention to stay, PSG made the decision to exclude Mbappe from the Asian tour list, and according to local reports in France, if Mbappe insists on remaining, the league and European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League next season.

When PSG announced its intention to sell Mbafe, several teams, including Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal, rushed, but Mbafe did not budge.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert in the European football transfer market, made an exclusive report on SNS on the 24th (Korean time), saying, "Al-Hilal has submitted an official bid to PSG to hold talks for Kylian Mbafe."  However, it is known that Saudi Arabia's proposal was immediately rejected, and Al-Hilal is known to be trying to persuade Mbafeand Real to retain Mbafe even for one season.

In the midst of this, Mbappe shows that he does not care at all and participates in training normally despite PSG's out-of-power classification and sale attempts. Global sports media ESPN reported on the 25th (Korean time) that "Mbafe trains with other players even as the confrontation with PSG continues." ESPN said, "Mbappe trained with other PSG players who were not on the Asian tour roster. PSG received an offer of 300 million euros from Al-Hilal, but Mbappe must accept the transfer for the club to reach an agreement. According to the news, Mbappe has not been directly contacted by Al-Hilal and it is known that he will not be open to a transfer under any circumstances."

"Mbappe participated in training with other players who were not included in Luis Enrique's plan, such as Leandro Paredes and Giorginio Wijnaldum. According to information, he was not worried about this situation and seemed happy, "he said, explaining that Mbappe showed an attitude that did not matter even when he was excluded from the team. Regarding Mbappe's destination, the media said, "Al-Hilal is the only team that has made an official offer for Mbappe, but it is known that he is only interested in joining Real. 안전놀이터 However, Real wants PSG to move first before the club starts negotiations. Real is the only destination Mbappe wants, but PSG will have to try to negotiate first.

Meanwhile, PSG seems to be reviewing negotiations with Real, the only destination he wants after Mbafe rejects Saudi Arabia's offer and expresses his intention to remain. On the 25th, Loic Tanji, a reporter from the French media 'L'Equipe', familiar with PSG news, reported that PSG is preparing negotiations for the transfer of Mbappe with Real Madrid, saying, "An agent has been appointed to lead the negotiations between PSG and Real Madrid." .

French media 'PSG Talk' also quoted Loic Tanzi's report and said, "PSG and Real have appointed agents for contract negotiations with Mbappe. PSG does not want this transfer rumor to continue. Real is currently trying to promote the transfer. "We have to raise money separately or find a combination of cash and players to meet PSG's demands," he said, adding that the two clubs would start negotiations. PSG wants to finish this transfer quickly, so I don't think it will come out hard in the negotiations. In a project led by coach Luis Enrique, we want to build a team with young and passionate players," he said, wanting PSG to dispose of Mbappe quickly. Therefore, he explained that if he starts negotiations, he will be able to accept Real's offer as much as possible.

The reason why PSG is so accommodating is that if the negotiations between Real and PSG go wrong, the problem will grow. It has already been predicted that if Mbappe remains on the PSG bench ahead of the next season and the real transfer is canceled, the conflict between the player and the club will intensify. There were even reports that PSG would order Mbappe to be suspended from pay and relegated to the 2nd team if he did not leave this summer, but Mbappe has already made up his mind not to play throughout the year, and is considering other destinations other than staying at PSG or moving to Real Madrid. This is because he clearly expressed his attitude that he was not doing it.

Whether Mbafe's position that he does not need even 1 trillion won will change over time, PSG wants Mbafe to listen to Al-Hilal's proposal even a little while opening a window for negotiations with Real. A drama that cannot be seen in any previous transfer case is being written by a person named Mbape.

Korean leaguer' face-to-face confrontation all shined

Ha-seong Kim took part in the 2023 Major League Pittsburgh matchup held on the 27th (Korean time) at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA as a second baseman with a first hitter and 4 at bats, 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 point, Choi Ji-man 4th batter and 1st baseman He went 4 at-bats with 1 hit (1 home run), 1 RBI and 1 run. The result was a 3-1 victory for Pittsburgh. San Diego has Kim Ha-seong (2nd baseman) - Fernando Tatis Jr. (right fielder) - Manny Machado (3rd baseman) - Zander Bogatz (shortstop) - Luis Campusano (catcher) - Jake Cronenworth (1st baseman) - Gary Sanchez (designated hitter) ), Taylor Colway (left fielder), and Trent Grisham (center fielder). Starting pitcher Seth Lugo.

Pittsburgh, where Yohan Oviedo started, is Jack Swinsky (center fielder), Brian Reynolds (left fielder), Carlos Santana (designated hitter), Choi Ji-man (1st baseman), Henry Davis (right fielder), Andy Rodriguez (catcher), Jared Tree Olo (3rd baseman) - Nick Gonzalez (2nd baseman) - Alica Williams (shortstop) formed a lineup. Kim Ha-seong scored a hit from the first inning. He hit Oviedo's 94.5 mph (about 152 km/h) sinker in 1B1S and scored a hit in front of right field. Hit 3 games in a row Afterwards, Oviedo's wild throw advanced to second base, and Tatis walked to base, creating opportunities for first and second base safely. However, Machado's double hit made it 2nd and 3rd base, and Bogatz retreated with a straight hit from shortstop and failed to score.

Choi Ji-man responded with a home run in the top of the second inning. He came out as the lead batter and defeated Lugo's 92.3 mile (approximately 148 km/h) sinker driven into the middle in 3B1S. Choi Ji-man's batted ball went straight and went over the right wall. This is season 6 home run. Ha-seong Kim made a multi-on-base run in the bottom of the 3rd inning. Multi on base in 5 consecutive games. After Grisham retreated with a fly ball to left field, he came out to the plate and walked out with a straight walk. Tatis struck out, but Machado hit a ball that fell between shortstop Williams and left fielder Reynolds. Kim Ha-seong, who sprinted, entered the home and tied the score.

Pittsburgh managed to run away in the top of the 4th inning. Leading batter Reynolds hit Lugo's first pitch, 92.2 mph (approximately 148 km/h), four-seam fastball and crossed the left wall. After Santana struck out, Choi Ji-man came out for the second time at bat, but withdrew with a strikeout. Ha-seong Kim came out in the third at-bat at the end of the 5th inning without a runner, but withdrew with a grounder by the pitcher.

Choi Ji-man came to the third plate in the top of the 7th inning. In 1B2S, he beat Lugo's 4-ball 77.6 mile (about 124 km/h) curve. Choi Ji-man's batted ball went far and headed for the right wall. However, Tatis jumped and caught the ball and retreated with a floating ball. Choi Ji-man smiled bitterly. Ha-seong Kim came out in the fourth at-bat in the bottom of the 8th inning with no runners out, but withdrew due to a foul fly out by the catcher. 스포츠토토 Tatis then attacked Colin Holderman's 99 mph (approximately 159 km/h) sinker, but center fielder Swinsky caught the ball on the warning track. In the top of the ninth, Pittsburgh scored. Leading batter Santana hit a one-run home run. Choi Ji-man, who came out in the fourth at-bat, was out with a ground ball to the third baseman. Davis then went to second base due to Ha-seong Kim's catch mistake, but failed to steal third base, and Ha-seong Kim's mistake did not lead to a run.

San Diego lit up the last spark of hope in the bottom of the ninth. After one out, Bogatz walked, Campusano hit, and Cronenworth reached base with a ball that hit his body, creating an opportunity to top the bases. Pinch hitter Juan Soto at bat. Soto scored an RBI with a straight walk. However, Colway's foul fly and Grisham's strikeout ended with Pittsburgh's victory. Kim Ha-seong hit from the first at-bat and recorded a hit in three consecutive games, and walked on base in the second at-bat, recording multiple on-base in five consecutive games. It was a lead-off performance. He also did not strike out in 33 consecutive at-bats. He has a season batting average of 0.273 OPS and 0.810. In defense, he showed a good performance by handling two difficult balls, but recorded an error in the top of the ninth inning.

Giant's First' Holds Silently Stacked

Koo Seung-min (33, Lotte Giants) recorded two strikeouts and no runs in one inning against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on the 26th. With starting pitcher Aaron Wilkerson finishing his KBO League debut with 2 runs in 5 innings, Koo Seung-min took over the mound as the second pitcher. In a 4-2 lead situation, he faced Doosan's central batsman Yang Eui-ji, Yang Seok-hwan, and Rojas. Gu Seung-min, who caught Eui-ji Yang with a floating ball in center field, struck out both Seok-hwan Yang and Rojas on a swing with a forkball.

In the 7th inning, Koo Seung-min took the hold while handing over the mound to Choi Jun-yong. Seungmin Koo's personal 100th hold record. It is the first 100 hold record by a Lotte 'One Club' player. The 15th record in the KBO league. As Koo Seung-min cut off the flow of Doosan once again, Lotte began to exert strength once again and won 7-2. Along with Doosan's 12-game winning streak, Lotte succeeded in escaping from three consecutive losses.

After the game, Koo Seung-min, who was about to have a broadcast interview, said, "It seems like it's been two years. There aren't many cases where middle pitchers do interviews." Koo Seung-min said, "Actually, I think it's best for pitchers in the middle not to stand out. Even in the highlights, there are a lot of scenes that hit the hitter rather than blocking them well. I think it's better to stand out less." After the broadcast interview, the Lotte players filled a water bottle with water and poured it on Koo Seung-min's head to congratulate him.

At the end of the interview, I noticed and tried to run away, but the players caught me and I had to get soaked. Koo Seung-min smiled, saying, "I thought I would do it at first, but I thought I wouldn't because I played Wilkerson." Goo Seung-min continued, "Thank you to everyone. The manager, coach, batter hyungs, and junior pitchers who have continued to write and send out the situation so far have created that situation. 안전놀이터 It is meaningful because I could not do it alone." I am more honored to be able to play in a team called Lotte. It is said that there has been no one in the past, but it seems to touch me more with the thought, 'I was able to consistently do well in one team.' "he said.

When asked about his most memorable hold, he picked the 100th hold. The reason was simple. Because it is 'this moment'. Koo Seung-min said, "Actually, I don't remember the hold moment very well. It was accumulated as I did one by one, and I didn't think about the number of holds," he said. A postseason mound that he has yet to step on is a dream for him. He said, "As much as I haven't played (the postseason), I want it more than anyone else. I want to throw in a big game."

With the team once again preparing a foothold for a rebound by escaping from a losing streak, Koo Seung-min said, "(The second half) seems to be the same. The pitchers are throwing hard so as not to score points. I hope that if I do my best after coming up, I will get good grades."

Women's volleyball legend coach Jang Yoon-hee and son of a promising middle school student Lee Eun-seok

His high jumping power, vision to read the game, and fighting spirit that she doesn’t want to lose are all the same as her mother during her active career.”

Last June, 2023 Jeongeup Naejangsan Cup National Middle and High Volleyball Championship Men's Middle School Finals defeated Inhasa Daebu Middle School 2-1 and reached the top of the national championship in 8 years, coach Shin Hyun-mo of Hwaseong Songsan Middle School played a key role in winning the team. This is how he evaluated outside hitter Lee Eun-seok (186 cm), who was selected as the MVP.

The mother of Lee Eun-seok, mentioned by coach Shin, is Jang Yoon-hee, the women's youth volleyball national team coach (53, Seoul Central Girls' High School), who was a 170 cm short striker and made a reputation as a leading star in Korean women's volleyball in the 1990s. Director Jang is a legend who stood out for her tenacity, overcoming the handicap of her short stature with high jump and endurance, and a fast and strong swing.

Lee Eun-seok inherited his mother's superior volleyball DNA as well as his father's physicality, a former cyclist, and is growing into a promising male volleyball player. 토토 He liked soccer when he was in elementary school, and when he was in the 5th grade at Namyang Elementary School in Hwaseong, coach Jang encouraged him to try volleyball for a few days.

He showed off his innate talent, wide view of the game and clever game management skills, and grew up quickly. In the last Naejangsan Boat Tournament, he led the attack with his teammate Lee Yu-chan, quenching the team's thirst for victory. Despite a sprained ankle injury at the beginning of the game, he showed a fighting spirit and led the championship.

Regarding this, Lee Eun-seok said, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to play when I was injured at first, but the team reached the finals with difficulty and I thought I could win the championship, so I held back and ran. I was so thrilled with my first victory that I shed tears without even realizing it after the game.”

Since elementary school, he has developed a habit of analyzing his opponents while watching game videos. He explained that he analyzed what he was good at and analyzed the key players of the team to face in the next game.

 Lee Eun-seok was irritated by his mother's advice just a few years ago, but now it's different. He asks his mother what he lacks and seeks her advice. Director Jang said, “I usually talk to Eun-seok about serving and defending rather than attacking. He talks a lot about straights, which are still lacking on offense.”

The two live in Seoul with coach Jang in charge of the girls' high school team, so they only meet once or twice a month with his father and son who live in Hwaseong. It is said that they meet more often during competitions.

Lee Eun-seok revealed that he wants to become a player like Kwak Seung-seok (Korean Air) in the future. He expressed his desire to play an active part in the national team by leading the team as a leader rather than flashy offense and becoming a player who contributes to defense as well as offense.

Attention is focusing on whether Lee Eun-seok, who is expected to be a promising male volleyball player, will be able to grow into a great volleyball player in the 'Mo Electronic War' following his mother's generation.

England's seniors all at once

Gary Lineker, a striker who played for Tottenham Hotspur, England national team and critic, said on the 5th (Korean time), "Kane will leave Tottenham. Kane wants to move and I think the time is right. The right club is right. "I have an offer. Munich is a lovely city and Bayern Munich is a great club in world football. Alan Shearer will want to move Kane. He wants to keep the top scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) all-time."

Lineker said: "Even if he can't break Shearer's record, Kane is England's and Tottenham's all-time leader. Team honor seems to be more important than individual records now. Kane is what we need now. Tottenham are unlikely to be in the top four next season either. Even in Munich, Lineker said. "There's no chance of not winning a trophy. Kane will be satisfied in Munich and I think he will settle down well. From Tottenham's point of view, it would be more reasonable to charge him a larger transfer than to send him for free."

Kane is attracting attention from Munich. Kane is the best striker in the world beyond the EPL and the best player in Tottenham's history. Tired of continued unrelatedness despite his insane performance. Last season, he scored 30 goals in the league alone, but Tottenham remained in 8th place in the EPL and could not participate in competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA). Kane, who has one year left in his contract with Tottenham due to continued irrelevance and sluggishness, wants a transfer. He was linked to Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), but the closest was Munich.

After Robert Lewandowski went to Barcelona, ​​Munich lost a lot of weight in the front line. Eric Maxim Chupo Moting performed better than expected last season, but lacked competitiveness. Thomas Müller and Serge Gnabri were used as zero tops, but the limits were clear. Although he barely won the German Bundesliga, he was sluggish in other competitions and his overall performance was not satisfactory, but the front line seemed to be a big problem. That's why he wants to recruit Kane.

Tottenham tried hard to turn away from Munich's offer, but interest in Kane continued. Eventually, the leaders of the two clubs met. The meeting was postponed from the day they were originally supposed to meet, but the meeting became a success. John Percy of the British 'Telegraph' said on the 1st, "Munich confirmed that Kane's valuation is short of 23.2 million euros (about 33 billion won) after Tottenham and London talks. However, I plan to continue negotiations. Kane is Munich's number one target in the summer transfer window and is even willing to break the club record."

The Munich delegation, consisting of Munich CEO Jan Christian-Dreessen and general manager Marco Nefe, traveled to London to have lunch with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy to try to break the stalemate. The Munich leadership confirmed that reaching a compromise would take time. "Munich knows they need more than Luca Hernandez, the number one transfer fee ever. Sadio Mane has secured more transfer funds as he goes to Al Nasr."

England's 'Sky Sports' said on the 4th (Korean time), "Munich has submitted a final proposal. Tottenham Hotspur wants a quick decision. If Tottenham refuses, Munich will look at other targets besides Kane. Munich's proposal is 100 million euros (approximately 143.7 billion won). There was a difference of opinion on the transfer fee between the two clubs, but Munich has improved and feels that it is a reasonable final offer. If Tottenham accepts this offer, Kane's transfer will be done quickly." . If Kane goes to Munich, he will receive an annual salary of 12.75 million euros (about 18.3 billion won) for five years. Even after going to Munich, he may return to the English Premier League (EPL) in the future," he added.

Even with skepticism, Munich intends to spend 100 million euros. Journalist James Butt of the British 'Telegraph' said on the 4th, "Tottenham (local time) have until midnight today (local time) to decide whether to sell Harry Kane to Munich. If a deal is not agreed, Kane will spend the last year of his contract at Tottenham and next summer will leave as a free body." He continued, "Munich will switch to another target if Tottenham does not approve Kane's transfer. All parties hope that Kane's future will be decided quickly." Reporter Bert also said, "Tottenham tried to renew Kane's contract, but Kane does not want to stay at Tottenham any longer. Kane has been Thomas Tuchel's number one target throughout the summer transfer window. We will try to sign with them. Munich is ready to pay a club record. The highest transfer fee in Munich's history was 80 million euros (approximately 114.9 billion won) for Luca," he said.

In addition, "It remains to be seen how President Levy will react to Munich's deadline setting. Coach Tuchel wants Kane to be in the squad before the German Super Cup match against Leipzig. The German Bundesliga opener will be held next week. Whatever it is. The Kane transfer saga is heading towards the end,” he insisted. 안전놀이터 Reporter Dan Kilpatrick also mentioned the transfer of Kane Munich. Reporter Kilpatrick is a reporter dedicated to Tottenham for England's 'Evening Standard'. Reporter Kilpatrick said: "Munich submitted a final offer and demanded an answer from Tottenham by Friday (local time). The transfer fee is 100 million euros (£86.2 million). He will remain. His future will be decided in a few hours."

While attention is focused on whether Kane will move on, seniors in England, including Lineker, are urging him to transfer. Rio Ferdinand also said on the 3rd, “I think Kane will leave. The transfer rumor has been around for a long time. In the past, Kane wanted to go to Manchester City, but he was not allowed. "I've done great for Tottenham over the years, but unfortunately I don't think I'll get anything out of it. I've done my best at Tottenham, but now I have the right to say, 'Let me do something else'."

Up to 3 players in the European debut match

Yang Hyeon-jun (21, Celtic) made his dream European debut. He came on as a substitute and played 10 extra. It was a short time, but Yang Hyun-joon's presence was revealed and expectations for the future were raised. The scene where he broke through 3 defenders with a reckless dribble breakthrough was the highlight.

Yang Hyun-joon started off the bench in the opening game of the 2023-24 Scottish Premiership (SPL) against Ross Couty held at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland on the 5th (Korean time), and was replaced by Riel Abada in the 34th minute of the second half. It was a European stage debut that I desperately wanted to the point of conflict with my former team Gangwon FC over advancing to Europe.

He showed his presence right after his introduction. After catching the ball from the right side in the 35th minute of the second half, instead of dribbling along the sideline, he boldly hit it into the middle. With his instantaneous speed and skill, he penetrated between three defenders and entered the penalty box. He was unable to get past the last defender and his attacking chances were ruined, but considering it was his European debut, it was definitely a standout try.

Even in the counterattack situation in the 42nd minute of the second half, he played an important role and played a starting point. When the counterattack began, he went straight to the attack, and this time instead of a bold breakthrough, he chose a pass to his teammate Hatate Leo. This pass led to Maeda Daizen's ground ball cross. The joint counterattack goal between Korea and Japan swallowed regret as the shot was canceled.

Although he couldn't directly target the opponent's goal, Yang Hyeon-jun showed his presence in a short time and revealed his future prospects. The pass success rate on this day reached 92% (12 attempts, 11 successes), and he succeeded in touching the ball 15 times. He also received a 6.6, which was also in line with the Couch Score rating.

Local acclaim also continued. Celtic legend Stylian Petrov said, “When Yang Hyun-jun played, I was quite impressed. He looked different from the other players.” HITC, who reported this news, said, “Yang Hyun-jun couldn’t play for a long time, but he showed enough presence to show his potential. 스포츠토토 He even made a good impression on Celtic legend Petrov.” England's Sky Sports also said, "Yang Hyun-joon showed an impressive role in the counterattack situation after being substituted."

Yang Hyun-joon, who was a K-League 1 young player last year, joined Celtic on his way to Korea last month amid a strong love call from the Celtic club. During the season, there were aspects of conflict with the club, which made it difficult to allow Ace to transfer, but the misunderstanding with CEO Kim Byung-ji was resolved and he was finally allowed to transfer. The transfer fee was 2.75 million euros (about 4 billion won), and it brought more profits to the club than the first offer of 2 million euros (about 2.9 billion won) proposed by Celtic.

In an interview for his departure last month, he said, “I am so happy and excited. I've been able to experience the experience I've dreamed of since I was young, so I still can't feel it." He will be the best player in the Scottish Premiership.”

On the other hand, Oh Hyun-gyu and Kwon Hyuk-gyu, who were both on the list of replacements, did not get a chance to play. On this day, Celtic defeated Ross County 4-2 to win the opening match. The Celtic Korean trio, including Yang Hyun-jun, will challenge to compete together and win the season through an away game at Aberdeen at 8:00 pm on the 13th.

The two stars that heat up the most in the second half

KIA Tigers Na Seong-beom and Samsung Lions Koo Ja-wook returned from injury. It explodes as if to make up for the regret of the void twice as much, serving as a catalyst for active volcanoes. Na Seong-beom and Koo Ja-wook rank 1st and 2nd in batting average (0.429, 0.424) in the second half among hitters who recorded more than 50 at-bats in the second half.

Na Seong-beom, who was called up for the first time in the season on June 23 after recovering from a left calf injury, hit a batting average of 3.66 and hit 9 home runs in 26 games this season. That's one home run every three games. His RBI also swept 23 points. OPS reaches 1.138. The second half is hotter. In the last 10 games, he has 3 homers, 10 RBIs and 10 walks at a batting average of .514. He has a 7-game hitting streak, during which he racked up 15 hits.

Na Seong-beom played as the 4th hitter in the Gwangju Hanwha game on the 5th without Choi Hyeong-woo and Socrates, and gave the team a head start with a timely double that split left-center from the first at-bat with 1 out and 1st and 2nd bases at the end of the 1st inning. 4 at-bats, 2 hits, 1 RBI, 2 runs scored. With a 9-3 victory, he was the main player who led the recent three-game winning streak. Koo Ja-wook, who returned after missing a month due to a right hamstring injury, is as hot as Na Seong-beom.

His batting average in the second half reached a whopping 40.2 4. OPS also reached 1.045. Played better lately. Since the match against KT on the 22nd of last month, 토토 he is on a streak of 13 consecutive hits. Ja-wook Koo's greatest value is his clutch ability. His scoring position batting average reached a whopping 40.1 4 li.

In the match against Daegu LG on the 5th, he attacked Choi Won-tae's 147km fast ball at the 1st and 2nd bases, where he was trailing 1-2, hit a double at the right time to tie the score, and held a vigorous 'sigh' ceremony at the 2nd base. After his two-strikes, he dealt concisely with a focus on contact, and his batting average soared steeply along with his ability as a solver. Amidst the performance of the two players, Samsung and KIA are running 1st and 2nd in team batting average in the second half. Samsung is the only team with a 30% 6ri and KIA is 307ri, and they are two teams with a batting average of 30%.

Two high-priced players returning from injury. It shows why KIA and Samsung have been betting large sums for a long time. Na Seong-beom is a free agent with up to 15 billion won in 6 years, and Koo Ja-wook is a non-FA multi-year contract with up to 12 billion won in 5 years. If you calculate the ripple effect of this level of activity, the word 'smart for this taste' is a suitable player. Two players with a sense of hitting that is hotter than the heat wave. How far will the peak rise go? KIA's entry into the top 5 and Samsung's exit from the bottom are at stake on whether or not they will continue to be active.

A comeback with many stumbling blocks, who will reach out?

School violence has nothing to do with Jae- young. " Lee Da-young (Bolaire Le Canet), who had responded to interviews with several media outlets, but had never made a statement in public, had an interview with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 5th ahead of her departure to France. Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young's 'twin sisters' were engulfed in suspicion of school violence in 2021. An article claiming to have been bullied at school by Lee Da-yeong and Lee Jae-young in middle school was posted on an online community, and the content was shocking. This is because it included the content that Lee Da-young held her knife and used school violence in a situation where school violence alone was a big problem for her.

After the revelation came out at the time, Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young posted a handwritten apology through social media and conveyed their apology to the victims. And Heungkuk Life Insurance Pink Spiders, which they belonged to at the time, also made an official position and bowed their heads together. After posting an apology, there was an act of pouring 'oil' into the burnt house. That is, Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young deleted the apology posted on social media. Eventually, they even revealed their intention to sue the victims for defamation.

At the time of 2021, the twin sisters' school violence controversy caused a big social wave. Starting with their school violence controversy, the school violence 'Me Too' began to pour in not only the sports world but also the entertainment industry. As the situation grew to one wave, Heungkuk Life Insurance imposed a heavy punishment of indefinite suspension of business trips on sisters Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young, and the Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) decided to disqualify the twins from their national team.

Lee Da-young, who did not reveal her position in public after being at the center of the school violence controversy, responded to a meeting with reporters before leaving France on the 5th to correct the misinformation and apologize to the victims, and at the same time ' It was to inform that Lee Jae-young, the twin sister, had nothing to do with school violence.

Lee Da-young, who said, "I will interview all the questions you have," said, "I want to say sorry to the fans. And I want to correct the wrong part with many misunderstandings and stories. Especially in the case of Lee Jae-young, I still play volleyball because of my fault. "There are many things that have nothing to do with Lee Jae-young, and I wasn't there. Because of my fault, Lee Jae-young has suffered a lot so far. I hope Lee Jae-young will not be harmed anymore."

"It happened when I was in the second year of middle school, and it was my problem at the time. I got along well with all of those friends (victims), but it happened when I cursed at a friend and got into a body fight and my emotions intensified. It was over at the time, , I solved everything, but as the incident happened again, (Lee) Jae-young couldn't (play volleyball). I want to correct that part. School violence has nothing to do with Jae-young. But even Jae-young can't play volleyball because they are twins." said.

In other words, the school violence had nothing to do with Lee Jae-young, and it was all the work he did. After the school violence controversy broke out, Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young left the V-League as if they were running away and joined PAOK Thessaloniki in Greece together. Lee Da-young started with PAOK, went to Rapid Bucharest in Romania, and wore the French Bolero Le Canet uniform, but Lee Jae-young has a slightly different position.

Lee Jae-young could not play many games due to cartilage damage in his left knee during his PAOK days, and returned to Korea during the season. And unlike Lee Da-young, he has been on a hiatus until now as he has not been able to find a team he belongs to. In response, Lee Da-young stood in front of reporters for the first time in two years to clarify that Lee Jae-young had nothing to do with school violence and that everything was her fault.

When the school violence controversy grew, why couldn't Lee Jae-young say that he had nothing to do with it? Lee Da-young said, "I wanted to talk about everything, but since my team was Heungkuk Life Insurance, there were many things I wanted to say, but I couldn't say anything anymore because the part I couldn't do was bigger. 토토'Don't do it', so I closed my SNS and issued an apology." In the end, the biggest reason I stood in front of the reporters was Lee Jae-young. When asked, "Is Lee Jae-young the biggest reason for taking this position?" Lee Da-young said, "Yes, that's right. Lee Jae-young is originally a player who takes care of her body diligently, and she is still taking care of her body. If given another chance, I want to ask for an apology and forgiveness (to the victims).

At the time Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young left the V-League, Heungkuk Life Insurance imposed an indefinite suspension on the twin sisters, but the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) did not take any special action. Therefore, in the case of Lee Jae-young, who is a free agent (FA), he can wear the V-League uniform at any time as long as the club that wants him appears. At one time, Pepper Savings Bank expressed interest in recruiting Lee Jae-young. But there are still many stumbling blocks.

The point is that Lee Da-young's claim alone does not prove that Lee Jae-young has nothing to do with school violence. In this part, the victims also have to voice a common voice, but it is unknown whether they will give the same testimony. And Lee Jae-young returned to Korea with an injury in November 2021, but the hiatus was very long. Also, as it is an incident that caused a big wave, it is also a consideration whether there will be a club that can handle the unfavorable gaze.

While Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young are claiming that they have nothing to do with school violence, can a club appear that will embrace him? It is clear that this is not an easy decision to make.

FanDuel teaming up with Pat McAfee

FanDuel Group and Pat McAfee today announced a multi-year partnership, designating FanDuel as the exclusive sports betting, daily fantasy sports, casino, and horse racing partner of Pat McAfee.

As part of the partnership, Pat McAfee will make weekly appearances on FanDuel Group’s “More Ways to Win” TV show hosted by former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Lisa Kerney, who returns to the sports betting focused pregame show for a second NFL season. Joining Kerney and McAfee on “More Ways to Win” are LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks reporter Dani Klupenger, TVG’s Dave Weaver, and FanDuel Sportsbook Oddsmaker John Sheeran.

In addition to his “More Ways to Win” appearances, McAfee will have guest spots on various FanDuel Group podcasts, make regular appearances at FanDuel Sportsbooks, host daily fantasy contests on FanDuel, create unique digital content, and take over FanDuel social media accounts throughout the NFL season.

“More Ways to Win” airs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the NFL season from 10 am-noon ET. Sports fans can watch McAfee, Kerney, and the “More Ways to Win” cast on TVG Television Network (DirecTV 602, Comcast, Dish 398, Spectrum and others), Watch TVG App (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV), and on the company’s social media platforms.

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