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Formbytes One

FormBytes One is a professional-quality 3D printer sold in a kit easy to assemble. It is available in a fun and attractive range of colors to choose from.


FormBytes One v1 (2015) FormBytes One v2 (2016)
Overall dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 28 * 31 * 43 mm Approx. 28 * 31 * 43 mm
Printing Area 150*150*100 mm 150*150*100 mm
Max. height of workpiece 100 mm 100 mm
Max. processing speed  ? cm / second, acceleration ?g  ? cm / second, acceleration ?g
Resolution 0.1 mm 0.1 mm
Accuracy Addressable accuracy: ? microm
Static repeat accuracy: < +/- ?microm
Addressable accuracy: ? microm
Static repeat accuracy: < +/- ?microm
Weight Approx. ?kg Approx. ?kg


Turning on the machine

Recommended Software



Cura01 first time run wizard.PNG Cura02 select your machine.PNG Cura07 other machine information.PNG  
  • First download the program here, proceed to open the downloaded installer. Select your language and hit "Next". Now tick the option "Other" and hit "Next". Now tick the option "Custom..." and hit "Next".
Cura08 custom reprap information.PNG Cura04 open profile.PNG
  • Enter the settings like displayed in the image above and hit "Finish".Cura should open itself imediately. What is left to do is configurating. First change the layer weight from 0.3 to 0.2. Now hover with your mouse over "File" and select "Open Profile". Now search for the "formbytes_standard.ini". depending on where you saved it, you should find it rather easily. In case you have not downloaded this file yet, you can download it here: File:Formbytes Open the file and Cura should be configurated.


FreeCAD - OpenSource Parametric Modelling Software Kamera Canon Best Seller

Printing a modell

CURA Preparation

Make sure you have a SD card with enough memory left connected to your computer. Open Cura. Delete the ultimaker robot. Now hover with your mouse over "File" in the upper lefthand corner and select "Load model file" (Shortcut: CTRL+L). Search for the file you chose to print and open it. A icon labeled "toolpath to SD" should appear on the screen. Click it. Eject the SD card and connect it to the Formbytes One.

Formbytes One Preparation

Formbytes11 turn on.JPG  Formbytes16 sd card slot.JPG  Formbytes12 push tha button.JPG  Formbytes13 push prepare.JPG  
  • Plug in the power cable. Inject the SD card into the slot on the left side. Now press the scroll on the bottom right. Now select "Prepare".
Formbytes14 push preheat pla.JPG  Formbytes15 preheating.JPG  Formbytes print from sd.JPG   Formbytes17 printing.JPG     
  • Select "Preheat PLA". The Printer is now preheating. The current temperature visible directly above the coordinates should adjust to the ideal value visible on the top left of the screen. When the current temperature is synced to the ideal temperature press the scroll once again. Now select "Print from SD". A list of your files should be displayed now. Select your file which is usually at the bottom. The 3D printer should start to print your model.

Formbytes move 0point1 mm.JPG

Formbytes_extruder_use.JPG Formbytes_disable_steppers.JPG Formbytes_prepare.JPG Formbytes_extruder.JPG Formbytes back to info screen.JPG Formbytes_move_axis.JPG Formbytes_progress_31degrees.JPG Formbytes_preheat_pla.JPG

It is important to store the ABS plastic cable coil like this. Cura03 ultimaker2.PNG


Formbytes AC Hemat Panasonic