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Milling machine – 3 axis Precix 11100 Series

Technical Specifications

Health & Safety


Machine Operation



Connection problems

From Precix Canada: Sometime ago there was a issue with automatic updates on Win XP. We had the solution below:


Instructions to restore Samba communication between Windows XP or 7 and QNX machine, by removing KB2536276

--- From the Start menu, click Control Panel, then Add or Remove Programs.

--- Check the "Show updates" box.

--- Scroll to the bottom of the window, and locate the patch to un-install. Microsoft labels the patches here by their corresponding Knowledge base (KB) document number.



This milling machine should be checked at least once a month, when is frequently used please check it weekly

  • Keep the machine clean
  • Make sure that all the best are tight and with no broken teeth
  • Grease the bushes with machine grease (at the lab), put grease in each one of the bushes by putting the tip in the nipple (see pic 1)